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Emergency Preparedness: Where to Start

Thank you to Gary Pegueros, the co-captain for the South Beach NERT group, for providing this handy listing of TO DO’s for those of us who live in Rincon Hill, South Beach, Yerba Buena, Mission Bay, and other high-density dominant neighborhoods.

Emergency Preparedness: Where to start

  1. Does your building have an Emergency Procedures Manual?  If not, start there!
  2. Does your building have periodic Evacuation Drills? If not, start there!
  3. Has your local Fire Department toured your building? If not, pick up the phone and contact the local Fire Department so that they are familiar with the tools and shutoffs they need to access in the event of an emergency at your building prior to the event.
  4. Do you have a designated “open space” for residents to gather in an evacuation? If not, find one near your building (editorial: I know there are few to zero good options in the Rincon Hill neighborhood here …. public open space is something we desperately need more of in Rincon Hill).
  5. Do you have neighboring buildings whom you can “buddy up” with? Strength in numbers certainly applies to making sure people safely get through an emergency event.
  6. Do you have an Emergency Response Committee? If not, think about creating one. Make sure it stays active and organized.
  7. Have you registered which residents may need assistance in a building evacuation? If not, sign ’em up! This includes elderly, people with physical disabilities, residents with young children or pets. Encourage residents to “buddy up” (they can exchange keys with trusted neighbors to make sure pets or people have a helping hand if an emergency occurs during work hours).
  8. Do you have Floor Captains? If not, recruit some – it may take time to get a captain on every floor, but you have to start somewhere!
  9. Have you taken NERT training from the San Francisco Fire Department? If not, then please take it – and encourage neighbors to take the training as well.
  10. Do your residents have Emergency Supplies? If not, think about organizing a sale.
  11. Do you have some “back up” Emergency Supplies for your building? If not, get some!

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