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Public Trash Can Location Needs

While the City is trying to reduce the number of public trash cans, one of our neighbors in South Beach has begun a dialog with the Department of Public Works about requesting some additional public trash cans in our neighborhoods for some problem spots. Because we have a lot of foot traffic from AT&T Park and Piers 30/32 events that go through our waterfront neighborhoods … and also because the wind tends to whip trash around quite a bit … we have some corners that tend to get particularly trashy and could use a public trash can nearby.

Please take a moment to e-mail me (Jamie Whitaker) at RinconHill@gmail.com with suggested intersections at which a public trash can is needed because it is a high-traffic area or swirling trash is a particular problem. If you can briefly explain the reasoning for requesting a trash can, that would be helpful too. Please send your suggestions to me by Saturday, July 18th and I will pass them along to our neighbor in South Beach who is collecting the information.

For example, I’ll be submitting the NW corner of Spear and Harrison Street. My reasoning is that trash swirls and gets caught up in the plants of the extended sidewalk open space (park?) at that corner. A trash can located on that corner would make it easy for me and my neighbors to stop, pick up the litter, and get rid of it in the trash can quickly and then continue on our way.

I am not as familiar with the streets west of Main Street, so it’d be particularly helpful if those of you living around 2nd Street and eastward could make me aware of trouble spots for trash in the Rincon Hill neighborhood. Thank you!!

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