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Use SeeClickFix.com along with Calling 311

The web site SeeClickFix.com is very handy for community members sharing issues with one another – letting us know about issues and acting on them to the degree that we can (rolling up our sleeves and picking up a park, for example, or adding our voice to calls to the City to fix something that they need to fix). For example, one of our neighbors recently posted this issue about a homeless encampment at the end of Rincon Alley against the Bay Bridge where trash is left during the daytime hours (picture taken by Pierre):

Rincon Alley Homeless Encampment May 2009

While SeeClickFix.com is very useful for helping us to keep track of issues as a community, don’t forget that you should also call 311 (415-701-2311 by cell phone) or visit the 311 web site to report these issues directly to the appropriate City department. If you see suspicious activity like folks peering into the windows of cars parked along the street, please call the non-emergency SF police department phone number at 415-553-0123 to ask them to check things out (drive by).

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