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Condo Etiquette – Clogged Trash Chute

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

This is the first Condo Etiquette posting on RinconHillSF.org, but I doubt that it will be the last. I’ve only been living in a condo for 11 months, but I’m sure many of you have built up several “Condo Etiquette” items. Please email them my way if you would like to share them on this blog – RinconHill@Gmail.com.

Clogged Trash Chute

The trash chute was clogged Saturday afternoon. I did the good neighbor thing and took my trash bag to the trash chute on the other side of the building. When I got back to my unit, I called the building person on duty to alert him that the trash chute was clogged.

After a nice walk along the Embarcadero and a meal, I checked on the trash chute again. Whereas before, I could see the clog starting to back things up with the pile below my second floor trash chute, the trash was clearly backed up to a point somewhere above my floor’s trash chute – as you can see in the posted photo.

Folks were starting to leave their trash on the floor and little bugs were already flying around the trash chute room. Instead of allowing the madness to continue and not getting involved, I put on my problem solver hat and went back to my unit to make some signs.

I created and printed a sign saying “THIS Trash Chute is Broken. Please take your trash to the chute between units 2XX and 2XX.” with a little arrow pointing in that direction. I printed two signs – placing one above the door knob that I would expect most folks to see, and I placed another one over top the now open without a chance of closing trash chute.

The neighbors who had already left their trash for someone else to deal with were long gone, so I took the trash they left (yuck – why don’t they use bags for wet food containers) to the trash chute on the east side of the building to properly dispose of it.

I’m happy to report that no one else appears to have left their trash in our trash chute room for someone else to deal with. Fabulous!

Take aways?

  1. Don’t add to the trash chute problem by leaving your trash undisposed because it will smell up the area, attract bugs, and it is too easy to walk to the next alternative trash chute.
  2. Post signs instructing your neighbors of their alternatives
  3. Be sure to report maintenance issues immediately – hopefully it will help to make the repair less expensive for everyone (the HOA) and to minimize the impact of the problem.

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