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Condo Etiquette – Overflowing Recycle/Trash Bins

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

This is the second Condo Etiquette posting on RinconHillSF.org (the first was Clogged Trash Chute last October 17th).

The picture that I took for this posting is probably the most extreme example I’ve seen at my building of folks insisting on leaving their (supposedly) recyclables in an overflowing recycle bin. It typically happens on Sundays when people actually have a chance to sit around at home and start tossing the past several months’ of magazines that are just taking up space in their condo unit (at least that’s my usual story).

Besides the fact that the plastic shopping bags and other items that cannot be recycled do not belong in the recycle bin, I’d like to encourage my neighbors to resist the urge to just leave their junk on the floor or playing house of cards or Jenga by balancing their recyclables on the top of a mountain of other recyclables extending above the top of the bin. I know that it is a bummer to take your junk back to your unit and to wait until Monday evening when you get home from work and when the recycle bin will be back to its normal self (not so overflowing), but wouldn’t that be better than forcing all of your neighbors to look at the sight for sore eyes pictured above as they make their way in and out of the building? Would it really hurt to have a bunch of plastic, glass, or aluminum containers sit in a bag or a box in your kitchen for one more day? Maybe just plan to wait until some middle of the week day to make the initial trip to the recycle bin. If this is how your recycle bin looks all the time, maybe it is time to talk to the building manager and/or HOA about getting more frequent pick-ups or a bigger/additional bin – we definitely wouldn’t want to discourage folks from recycling and encourage them to just toss recyclables with the rest of their trash.

That’s my suggestion for condo etiquette this go around. Please feel free to send me your pet peeve photos and suggestions to share here as well. RinconHill@gmail.com

Keeping our buildings looking nice is a responsibility we all share.

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