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Bay to Breakers on May 17th

I know I posted a long listing of upcoming events, but I figure an event that has been happening for 98 years deserves its own posting. The ING Bay to Breakers event starts at 8am at Beale and Howard Streets in the Rincon Hill neighborhood on Sunday, May 17, 2009.

Several streets will be closed that morning and traffic will get backed up on Harrison, Folsom, and Mission Streets most likely. Register to participate in the “race” or just take a walk over towards Howard Street (portions will be fenced off and inaccessible) to observe the spectacle.

There are many new rules this year, but I suspect the tortilla toss before the race begins that leaves tortillas all over the streets near Rincon Center and nearby will happen as usual. Lucky for us, people don’t trash the streets up TOO badly at the start of the race … I think the neighborhoods towards the end get the worst of it.

Here’s a map from the ING Bay to Breakers web site to give you an idea of what areas are affected in Rincon Hill:

Bay to Breakers 2009 map

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