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Beach Voleyball at Piers 30/32

Starting Thursday, professional beach volleyball players begin 4 days of strutting their stuff just south of the Rincon Hill neighborhood on Piers 30/32.  The AVP San Francisco Open returns for its 3rd year on Piers 30/32.  You can go sit in the stands for FREE on Thursday to watch the action from 8:00am until 6:00pm. You’ll need to buy tickets to sit by the sandy court on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday … at the moment, discounted tickets can be bought for Friday and Saturday from the wonderful folks at Goldstar, but those are limited in quantity usually. Jim at SFCitizen.com notes that Kerri Walsh returns … and they may be looking for volunteers for the event (ball shaggers among other things).

On another sports front, the new United Football League announced the name of the San Francisco-based football team as the California Redwoods.  The season tickets (3 games total) are relatively inexpensive (if asked for a code, use MAILUFL ) … I bought a couple in the upper deck looking down at the 50 yard line for $100 (I think there was a discount in place for folks on the UFL mailing list).  Anyway – the more days that AT&T Park is in use bringing in revenues for the City and County of San Francisco, the better for all of us in general.

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