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Girding Our Loins for the Olympic Torch Relay in San Francisco

If you’ve been tuning in to local news the past day or two, you’ve undoubtedly seen the hurdles in front of the Olympic Torch Relay events in London and Paris. There’s a story on SFGate.com that indicates the torch route may change at the last minute to help ensure the safety of the 80 folks scheduled to carry the symbol of the Olympic games.

I suspect the route will remain on The Embarcadero just because the wide streets and waterfront border should make it relatively easier to secure than other areas around downtown or even up around Fisherman’s Wharf. From what I’ve read, protestors who plan on throwing themselves in the path of the runners or whatever other actions they believe they need to take to get on the news will likely do it around Fisherman’s Wharf where the streets are narrower.

An alternative to standing along The Embarcadero to see the torch is to flip on your television to Channels 3 or 4 (on Comcast) for NBC 11 or KRON 4 coverage. If you do go to the torch route, please don’t physically try to stop protestors from interfering with the torch run – leave that to the police and other security folks. I would maybe take a camcorder or snapshot camera to take photos of folks who look like they’re up to no good. Also, if you get a good photo of one of the torch carriers in front of Cupid’s Span, the Hills Brothers Coffee building, with The Infinity or One Rincon Hill in the background, or the Bay Bridge and you wouldn’t mind sharing it here, please send it my way – rinconhill@gmail.com.

Be safe!

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