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ING Bay to Breakers Race Starts in Rincon Hill Neighborhood on May 18th

Since 1912, many San Franciscans and our guests have spent the third Sunday in May walking/rolling/running (and some drinking) from one side of the City to the other. This year’s Bay to Breakers event is scheduled for Sunday, May 18th. The participants will gather in the Rincon Hill neighborhood blocks between Beale and Steuart and between Mission and Howard streets just before the race begins at 8:00 a.m.

If anyone would like to invite Rincon Hill neighbors to start/join a neighborhood or maybe a local company’s team for the Bay to Breakers event, please send me an email at RinconHill@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to advertise the team(s) that welcome Rincon Hill residents to join them in a blog post.

I’m very happy to read this paragraph on the official ING Bay to Breakers web site, which says:


Be kind to our hosts and our neighbors and clean up after yourself. Don’t abandon your floats, costumes, empty carts and unwanted trash. Please use the designated dumpsters and toilets along the course and help us to keep the City clean.

If you read my blog last year, you may remember that I ranted about whomever put up flag poles on the fence around the parking lot at the corner of Howard and Main streets who left the ties used to hold up the flag poles lying on the sidewalk after they snipped them to remove their flags. Let’s hope they take a second to properly dispose of their flag pole ties this year after snipping them. As a bonus for us, those sidewalks around Main Street between Mission and Folsom streets will probably be swept nice and clean by the City for the first time that I’ve witnessed since, well, last May, a few days before Bay to Breakers in 2007.

It truly is a fun-filled event, and I encourage folks to sign up. If you don’t sign up, at least wander down to check out the interesting costumes folks are wearing for the race.

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