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KFOG KaBoom on Saturday, May 12, 2007

Image from TicketMaster.com

The May 12, 2007 KFOG KaBoom event will be a ticketed event this year with bands, fans, and fireworks galore on Piers 30/32 (where they sell DeLancey Street Christmas trees I believe). Tickets are $10 each (with some additional service charges we all LOVE to donate to Ticketmaster.com).

There is a pre-sale of tickets at Ticketmaster.com with the promo code “kaboom.” The event is scheduled to start at 4PM. I wish I were in town to attend, but alas, I’ll be attending a cousin’s high school graduation out of state. Maybe next year ….

As a friendly reminder, San Francisco Giants baseball games start this evening. Remember to schedule your grocery shopping at the 4th and King Safeway accordingly.

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