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Parades and Protests

There’s nothing like a parade to bring folks out onto the streets of the City. I rode MUNI over to the Civic Center to watch a little bit of the 155th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
The smiles, the music, garlic fries vendors, and people admiring the outfits and talents of our neighbors just makes ya feel so good. I hope you had a chance to go out for the parade.
On the other hand, there was a pretty substantial anti-war protest today in San Francisco. The protest carries a signficantly different feeling. For me, the feeling is more angry and frustrated. This is hopeful in itself though because among the thousands of folks carrying signs will be some individuals who feel inspired to become more engaged. Whether it is camping out at Speaker Pelosi’s Pacific Heights Home or writing letters to the Editors of The San Francisco Chronicle or maybe running for City Supervisor, I believe it is good for America for regular folks to get involved.
I hope you had a good weekend!

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