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Relieved about Torch Relay Outcome

I flew to Detroit after the Association meeting Tuesday night, and I nervously watched CNN’s coverage of the Torch Relay from my parents’s home. I believe Chief Fong and Mayor Newsom should be commended for making safety their first priority during the Torch Relay. They clearly saw a powder keg lined up along The Embarcadero, and they had the gumption and sensibility to not take the Olympic Torch up the street to light the fuse.

The protestors had their protests. The olympic torch runners were able to safely represent American athletes and the games by taking the torch up Van Ness and into the Marina. Our police were not forced into an unenviable situation when they are highly outnumbered of using force to control crowds. It was too bad for folks who came to San Francisco to just see the torch without any political agendas, but they were kept safe in San Francisco.

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