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San Francisco VP Debate Watch Party at Rincon Hill's Temple Nightclub

Addendum: Article and short video about San Francisco’s political diversity.

Personally, I’m looking forward to a beer, a chair, and some entertaining body language from the unvetted, clearly out of her league Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin during the Vice Presidential debate at 6 p.m. on Thursday. The bar is set as low as it could possibly be set for anyone who has a better than most chance of becoming the President of the United States without talking to the press and telling the media who the hell she is.

Most of my friends and myself hope the idiocy and nonsense she spouted during the Katie Couric interview will resume at the debate, but I suspect she’ll sound pretty polished thanks to the whole debate camp experience at one of McCain’s 50 homes (whatever the number is, doesn’t matter really … as Chris Rock said, “He can lose half of his homes, and still have plenty of homes to live in.” Clearly, Sarah Palin can regurgitate talking points just like John McCain … whether they’re said in a logical order or not seems to be up in the air. She’s so similar to George W. Bush with his deer in the headlights look and brash bologna speeches that are meaningless, it is frightening to contemplate her as a possible President.

There is an official debate watching party at Temple Nightclub (540 Howard Street between 1st and 2nd Streets) in the Rincon Hill Neighborhood. $10 cover charge to get in (likely goes to the Obama campaign since it is supposedly the “official” Obama debate watching spot in San Francisco).

Learn more about this event at the Obama campaign web site.

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