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Thursday is Bike to Work Day

It is that time of the year when politicians put on a bicycle helmet and dust off their bicycles (or maybe rent one from South Beach’s Bike Hut for all I know) for Bike to Work Day in San Francisco this Thursday, May 14th.

If you’re like many of us Rincon Hill folks who walk darn near everywhere, watch out for the amateurs on bicycles who need extra space and tolerance. Also, be a good pedestrian and cross streets legally at the corners.

If you’re riding your bicycle, please keep an eye out for pedestrians (along with those opening car doors – ouch!). Also, observe the traffic laws (stop at that red light).

If you’re driving your car, please just stop. I’m kidding … but I do hope you’ll be aware of bicyclists and pedestrians ALL the time.

Share the road (and sidewalks, where applicable – like Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade).

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