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Reminder to Be Prepared for Disasters

The 8.9-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan and tsunami that followed should serve as a sharp reminder that each of us needs to be prepared for a disaster that may force us out of our homes or leave us without working utilities (electricity, water) for a long stretch of time. You will likely be on your own for 1 to 5 days if a major disaster occurs in San Francisco. Any notion you may have that you’ll be able to call 911 with your cell phone or home phone to get help is just silly. You have to get prepared.

If you want to start learning the basics of being prepared, I highly recommend you go to www.72hours.org.

Taking a step further, you might visit the San Francisco Fire Department’s Neighborhood Emergency Response Team (NERT) website. Maybe click through their NERT student manual or look through some of their preparation checklists and other documents.

The best thing you could do to get prepared is to take the 18 hours, 6 classes of NERT training that is offered FREE by the San Francisco Fire Department. About 30 folks completed their NERT training just this past Tuesday at SFFD Headquarters at 2nd and Townsend. Other classes are popping up around San Francisco in the coming months, such as at the Intercontinental Hotel at 5th and Howard starting March 22nd and in the Mission starting April 21st.

Be prepared!

Addendum: Hear two USGS scientists talk about today’s 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami.

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