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April 25th School Board meeting to Ask For a School in Mission Bay to get Priority #1

Mission Bay School supporters, 
This Tuesday, April 25th at 6:00pm we are going to the San Francisco Unified School District’s Full Board meeting to ask them to approve the resolution to direct SFUSD staff to start the planning process for construction of the Mission Bay Elementary School. The meeting will be held at SFUSD’s administrative building located at 555 Franklin Street (at McAllister). 
Please come, at least for the first part of the meeting. We really need to show the School Board members that the community is fully engaged and supportive in order the get the resolution for the school passed by the full board. 
Remember when speaking….
– This is the right school location now. We will support the building of the next three schools when the time comes.
– There are lots of great public schools. Don’t use language like we need a “good school” What we need is a school.
– We are ready to work to make this a great school for all kids. 
Be positive. 
If you can not make the meeting, Please send a note to the board member and let them know you are watching this process. 
Interim Superintendent: Leighm@sfusd.edu 
We have to show up to make this happen! Please show up on Tuesday, April 25th at 6pm at SFUSD’s administration building at 555 Franklin Street to unite with neighbors who want to help get a school built in Mission Bay!
Thank you,
Jamie Whitaker on behalf of Mission Bay School Advocates

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