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Parents! Your voice is needed Soon (TBD) at SFUSD School Board for a new neighborhood school!

If you never have time to participate in managing your local government and school district, you must make time for a date TBD upcoming meeting to attend the San Francisco Unified School District’s Commissioners Meeting (at 555 Franklin Street at McAllister) because they are considering a resolution submitted by Commissioners Matt Haney and Hydra Mendoza-McDonnell to kick-off planning to build a new school in Mission Bay.

This is critical for everybody in the community because it will help families connect with other families – and hopefully community members without kids will also volunteer and share their knowledge and skills with the classrooms built in Mission Bay. It is such a fantastic location in the midst of our technology and biosciences research and corporate core of San Francisco.

According to a January 17, 2017 report published by the San Francisco Planning Department titled Housing for Families with Children, there are 870 kids in Mission Bay, 1,502 along the Embarcadero (includes South Beach, Rincon Hill, and Barbary Coast), and another 1,458 kids in Centra/Western SoMa.

We know that even more kids will be living in these areas soon because the affordable housing components are intended for families and they are getting built after the market-rate developments in Rincon Hill (as part of the Transbay Redevelopment Project along Folsom Street) and in Mission Bay (in Mission Bay South in particular where the school would be built).

While some folks are lucky enough to have an extra $25,000 or more to send their kids to private schools, most families cannot spare $25,000. A school in Mission Bay is the solution for Rincon Hill kids, South Beach kids, Mission Bay kids, and hopefully kids connected to Mission Bay via the T-Third line or by bike on the Blue Greenway who want to go to a school located in the epicenter of where JOBs are being created in San Francisco – SoMa/Mission Bay!

So, please take a couple hours off of work if that’s what needs to happen on the TBD meeting date to make it over to the SFUSD Administration building at 555 Franklin Street at McAllister Street to speak up – especially if you are a current or expecting parent – in support of SFUSD moving forward to start planning a school at a site where they have free land already designated for a school (but that option runs out if nothing gets built by 2026).

From www.MissionBaySchool.org :

Your voice is important! The Board of Education needs to hear from you.  Please join us to provide public comment in support of the school via email to the commission members today (scroll down for the email addresses for the 7 Commissioners and SFUSD’s Superintendent).

If all goes well, we will celebrate as a community at the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new SFUSD school in Mission Bay in about 5 years.

Board of Education Commissioners


Please spread the word to other families in the area by sharing a link to this webpage: www.MissionBaySchool.org


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