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Beale and Bryant Street Open Space and Dog Run

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

From my e-mail inbox tonight …

As part of Monday night’s South Beach, Rincon, and Mission Bay Neighborhood Association meeting, an agenda topic (20 minutes) is scheduled for Caltrans to present design proposals for the Open Space area at Beale and Bryant Streets.

Please plan to attend and provide feedback into the final design selection for landscaping and layout of the open space and dog run areas. The Meeting is scheduled for November 10th, next Monday night, from 6:00PM – 7:00PM in the Community Room at the Harbor Services Building (next to Pier 40).

The people-powered project (namely Marty and Josh over at Watermark) is also known as the Bay Bridge Base Beautification (B4) Project.

Background and Update:

1. Project continues to be supported by Caltrans, SF City Gov, and Community and is scoped as:

“open space at the corner of Beale and Bryant Streets will consist of a small plaza and off-leash dog area. Features will include planting, irrigation, lighting, fencing, site furnishings, drinking fountains/dog water stations, interpretive signage, decorative plaza paving, and decomposed granite paving”

2. Lease (to the city of SF) is in sign off and is required for Caltrans to allow public access.

3. Caltrans plans on completing project in late 2009.

Hat’s off to Marty, Josh, and every resident and public agency worker who has been involved in this process so far. Please try to make it to the meeting on Monday to learn the plans. I do not own a dog, but I can appreciate that a lot of neighbors in Rincon Hill and South beach DO own dogs, and a well-designed dog run and open space will be great for everyone in the community.

Keep your eyes on my blog to learn about upcoming meetings about the Pocket Park over on Guy Place (off of 1st Street) to be held at a place yet to be determined on November 19th and on December 17th from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information or to request translation services for the meeting, please call: Marvin Yee at (415) 581-2541, Recreation and Park Department

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