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Better Streets Plan

Rendering by Robin Chiang

I tripped across this while attending a SPUR lunchtime presentation on the topic of parking availability in the City. I’ll share SPUR’s description here:

In 2003, voters approved about $12 billion (ed. – I think SPUR’s text is wrong here, maybe $12 million?) in sales tax expenditures to study and improve how we manage transportation demand, including that precious resource parking. The County Transportation Authority is completing its review of parking prices and availability, new payment technologies, ways to increase the ease of parking, better management of neighborhood parking permits, and “parking benefit distrcits” that generate revenue for neighborhood transportation improvements.

To that end, there is a Citizens Advisory Committee that meets on Monday, April 2nd (see the listing on Upcoming.org). Also, there is a Better Streets Plan Kick-Off Event next Thursday, April 5, 2007 from 5:15PM – 8:00PM at City Hall’s North Light Court (1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place) where they’d like us to share our ideas for improving the public spaces used for parking, mass transit, bicycling, walking, and gathering. More information can be found at the project’s web site: www.SFBetterStreets.org.

When you think about how many people use street parking for all-day parking while they go to work and folks who cruise around for 5 minutes in their vehicles looking for a parking space near a business they want to patronize and the effects these actions have on traffic flow (and pollution) in the City, this is pretty important stuff.

As always, I advocate Rincon Hill and Transbay area residents to get involved in the process now. Please do let me know if you would like to take the responsibility of attending these meetings and letting us know via RinconHillSF.org about the progress the project makes.

Update April 3, 2007
I went to the Better Streets Plan Citizens Advisory Committee meeting yesterday. I found out a few more details about this Thursday’s kick-off meeting at City Hall. Mayor Newsom is expected to speak at 5:30pm. Only one Supervisor had confirmed as of Monday afternoon – Sup. Ross Mirkarimi. Likely to attend (but not confirmed as of Monday) were Supervisors Ammiano, Peskin, Dufty, and Alioto-Piers. Several City Department heads will also be there. The main speech will be given by a well-known speaker (can’t find his name on the Better Streets web site, but I think the last name was Jackson if that means anything) on public health and wellness.
It should be a good meeting to attend if you have the time and interest. See you there!

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