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December 13th Temporary Transbay Terminal Meeting Notes

I’d say there was a decent turnout at tonight’s Temporary Transbay Terminal public meeting. I’m hoping that the TJPA will post the presentation and handout materials on their web site to accompany the September meeting’s presentation, on this page.

The location of the temporary terminal is the land surrounded by Main, Howard, Beale, and Folsom Streets in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Phil Sandri, TJPA Project Manager, did a fine job presenting the information and took questions and answers at the end.

Meeting highlights:

  • Construction set to begin in November 2008
  • Open for business in August 2009 for Phase 1, close the existing Transbay Terminal (note that Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans will still use the Mission Street semi-circle driveway off Mission)
  • Phase 2 completion in October 2009 will move Golden Gate Transit and SamTrans over to the temporary terminal area following the removal of the eastern Transbay Terminal ramp from the Beale/Howard corner of the site
  • New Transbay Transit Center building is scheduled for completion and the temporary terminal is scheduled to be closed in January 2014
  • The Redevelopment Agency will develop mixed use retail/housing (most likely affordable, BMR rentals from what I’ve heard) on the Temporary Transbay Terminal land along with a park (yeah!!! We must make sure the park comes to fruition by staying engaged in this process as a neighborhood!). The mixed use development will tentatively happen along Howard Street and along Folsom Street with the park in the middle of the two strips of buildings.

Questions that came up:

  • Yours truly (Jamie) thanked them for not setting up an entrance from Main Street, but I did suggest a pedestrian-only crosswalk signal at Howard and Main and maybe even at Folsom and Main where pedestrians could cross any of the intersections’ crosswalks exclusively without any vehicles entering the intersection during that time (similar to some spots in the FiDi along Sansome and Montgomery). I also suggested that they add to their traffic study the intersections of Spear/Harrison and Main/Harrison because I believe drivers are going to navigate around the streets where buses will be parked
  • Several people asked about toxic emissions and idling. It is thought that AC Transit and the other providers have a maximum idle time of 3 minutes before drivers should turn off the engines
  • There were many concerns about the impact on traffic – especially Main Street between Folsom and Howard. The models run by somebody (I didn’t see a reference in the presentation to who gathered the data and ran the models) indicate that traffic flow will be fine in those areas. I did point out that 200+ cars will no longer be able to park in the area where the temporary terminal will be constructed.
  • There are going to be temporary bus shelters set up under the Bay Bridge between 2nd and 4th Streets and between Bryant and Harrison. They do not know the exact path these buses will take to get over to the Temporary Terminal, but residents from Watermark and other Beale Street residents expressed a desire to not route them along Bryant Street. I think this is going to be a huge issue, just knowing how clogged up things get on the path to the Bay Bridge from anywhere between 2nd and The Embarcadero on the south side of Market Street
  • Someone representing the company that owns the buildings on the east side of Main Street between Folsom and Howard confirmed that they’re not losing their white space for Schwuttle drop-offs of Schwabees and daycare kid drop-offs to the buses that will be parked all around the temporary terminal when it opens up (meaning most metered parking in this area will disappear and the spots will become bus only)
  • Speaking of parking, someone asked if there were plans to add parking to make up for the loss of the current parking lot that will become the temporary terminal. The answer is no, which I couldn’t help but say “hell no!”

That’s about it … if you have comments, please fax them to 415-597-4615 or email them to TemporaryTerminal@TransbayCenter.org ASAP and include your name, mailing address, and email address (if you have an email address).

It was great to meet some folks from the Watermark and a fellow BayCrest resident at tonight’s meeting! I look forward to meeting more of my neighbors at other events of interest to Rincon Hill residents.

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