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Draft Twitter Community Benefits Agreement a Warning for Us SoMa Waterfront Residents [CORRECTED 1/28/2013 7:10 PM]

CORRECTION: 1/28/2013, 7:10 PM – I was informed by Jennifer Matz of OEWD that I incorrectly attributed the spearheading of the Twitter/Mid-Market Tax Exclusion Zone legislation and subsequent hammering out of the draft Community Benefits Agreement to the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development. I apologize for my mistaken attribution – I just assumed that OEWD was the lead organization who helped create the payroll tax break for Twitter and who helped lead the CBA work (see SFBG’s article “Power struggle divides backers of the Twitter tax break“(link: http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2011/04/12/power-struggle-divides-backers-twitter-tax-break )). I’ve corrected the posting to refer to “the City and County of San Francisco” instead of “OEWD.” I apologize for my mistaken assumption.

Check out this draft of the Community Benefits Agreement the City has worked out with Twitter in return for their tens of millions of dollars in tax savings from a “Mid-Market” exemption allowing them and other companies moving to the zone to avoid the City business tax for the next several years:

The existence of the file only came to my attention from a re-Tweet, ironically enough, of a BuzzFeed article:

Would you sign an agreement that says crap like “Twitter will expend commercially reasonable efforts to fulfill its responsibilities under this Community Benefit Agreement 2013?” How the heck do you enforce “commercially reasonable efforts?” Gordon Gecko would be proud of the OEWD’s the City and County of San Francisco’s work here …”Greed is Good” – Twitter seems to have made out like a bandit, in my opinion.

I’m already thinking of things that I’d like to suggest we get into the Term Sheet … Hope you’ll come to the Term Sheet Subcommittee meeting on Wednesday at 6:30pm at Pier 1 (The Port of SF’s offices) and toss out your ideas to get them on the wall. This is the Community’s very small window to make sure the Term Sheet has everything we want in it … and that we don’t get some pile of crap agreement as it appears the Tenderloin/Mid-Market is set to get with no teeth to it.

1) No non-Warriors basketball start times prior to 8pm on Mondays through Wednesdays.
2) No events on Thursday evenings period – its the absolute worst congestion commute of the week.
3) No more than 2 non-Warriors basketball events per month scheduled at the arena on the same evenings as Giants baseball events, with Giants baseball events taking precedence always.
4) $5 surcharge per event ticket (with annual inflation increases of 5% or California CPI, whichever is less) regardless of the face value of the ticket paid to an independent Arena Event Mitigation District that is a non-profit overseen by a majority of Board members owning residences in the Rincon/South Beach/South Park/Mission Bay area and will carry out the mitigations as determined at the start of each year by the Non-profit’s board.

5) Your idea here …….

See you Wednesday? Come with the mindset that you’re the Legislator and we’re writing the legislation!

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