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Feel the Earthquakes? 2 Hour Disaster Preparedness Workshop

Did you feel the earth move a bit over the past few days? We know that there will be a big earthquake that will force us to rely upon ourselves for up to 5 days (see Hurricane Katrina experience), and it is best to learn beforehand how to be prepared to survive for those 5 days.

While it is easy enough to check out www.72Hours.org, www.Ready.gov, and/or resources from the USGS at http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/preparedness.php it may be more helpful to take a short, 2 hour workshop with a live trainer.

Thankfully, the San Francisco Fire Department’s NERT Program Coordinator, Lieutentant Erica Arteseros, is offering just such a workshop for FREE for our community on November 1st from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. at The Infinity in the Club Room Lounge (333 Main Street at Folsom, enter via the stairs in the middle courtyard). If you would like to attend, please send the name(s) of attendee(s) to sffdnert@sfgov.org or call 415-970-2024 to register.

Please click the image below for a flyer you can download and print in order to post in your building!

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