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Northeast Embarcadero Planning Study Public Meeting


There is a lot happening along our northeast waterfront. To help clarify what work is being done as it might pertain to the Northeast Embarcadero Study, the Planning Department has invited the Port of San Francisco, the Municipal
Transportation Agency, and the Recreation and Park Department to present the work they are doing in the area and to answer questions.

AUGUST 05, 2009
WEDNESDAY, 5:30 – 7:00 PM
900 Front Street
San Francisco, CA 94111


3 Responses to Northeast Embarcadero Planning Study Public Meeting

  1. John Brooke Hultgren

    May I say thank you for allowing me to comment on development plans for the area opened up after the Loma Prieta earthquake.
    While my father’s father and mother lived through the earthquake and fire of 1906, living in S.F., I was at the home I camped out to build in 1979, five miles from the epicenter of the Loma Prieta quake in the morning, drove down to my jobsite (in Mt. View) to see if I was needed, and was given the day off. I bought four new tires for my car and was picking walnuts at 855 Runnymede St., East Palo Alto, which I managed from 1984-1990, when the quake hit.
    With a mother who was a national doubles champion, I would like to see our club, the GOLDEN GATEWAY TENNIS and SWIM Club, grow, not shrink. I’d like a clay court built-with bleachers for the public-to play exibition/challenge matches on in what is our parking lot. JBH

  2. John Brooke Hultgren

    The City of San Francisco Planning Department,
    I live in Palo Alto where we moved in 1959, from Mill Valley, when the Stanford Medical Center and our new home were built. My father was the Chief of Cardiology.
    We lived on San Franc9isco Ct., Stanford from 1959-2003, and my mother still lives on the campus. I am a member of the Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club, and tennis has always been a major part of my life, as it has for my two brothers; all of us are undefeated in high school tennis at Gunn High School in Palo Alto-(team matches).
    Our grandfather, while sailing lumber skooners up the Northwest Coast, lost his first two sons while at sea from pnemonia; they were just unfants. Whenever I see children at our club, I wish everything for them, as there is no more beautiful a place to grow up. Thanks, JBH

  3. John Brooke Hultgren

    S.F. Planning Dept.,
    What a grandstand court, possibly clay, could add to the love of the game of tennis, to our club, (Golden Gateway tennis &Swim) and for the public,mays only be topped by what Barry Bonds did in baseball perhaps. Barry hit the homerun to break the MLB record on my parent’s wedding anniversary.
    I have met with the Washington 8 group, and have read the reports from the Northeast Embarcadero Study. I support positive growth, and challenge antone to come up with a better idea or plan.

    Thank you,
    John h