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MEETING POSTPONED – Opportunity to Ask for a Playground at 75 Howard!

Update as of August 26, 2013:


Last week, I invited you to a community meeting to be held this Wednesday, August 28, to discuss programming the triangle lot at Spear, Steuart and the Embarcadero, in front of the proposed development at 75 Howard. Our team has been hard at work developing ideas and options for potential family-friendly, community-serving open space at this site.

Unfortunately, we have just learned that we need to have additional information in hand and further discussions with the City, the owner of the triangle lot. As we want to have a meaningful and comprehensive community discussion about the site, we need to postpone this Wednesday’s meeting.

I will notify you about the rescheduled meeting when we have the information in hand and can thoughtfully move forward. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience I have caused you by announcing this postponement so close to the meeting date.


Alex Clemens on behalf of the 75 Howard team

Stay tuned!


Original Posting (with some strikethroughs):

With over 600 kids spending their weekdays in daycare centers South of Market and east of 2nd Street in the Rincon neighborhood, not even starting to consider the over 300 kids who LIVE in condo towers near the Bay Bridge, we sure could use a playground with great sunlight and higher air quality than what can be found near the Bay Bridge and accompanying ramps. Well, our one-time opportunity for a GREAT location for a playground happens on *** NEWS ON AUGUST 26, 2013 – MEETING POSTPONED August 28th at 6pm at the Embarcadero YMCA when The Paramount Group hosts a community meeting to ask what the community wants/NEEDS for open space purposes on the “triangle lot” at the southwest corner of Howard Street and The Embarcadero.

Please come in support of all of those kids who spend every weekday in the nearby Marin Day School, Bright Horizons, and Embarcadero YMCA who won’t be there to speak for themselves. Please come to this August 28th meeting and let The Paramount Group know that the BEST use of that triangle lot is turning it into a playground. With all of this new housing in Rincon, the next natural life cycle step for the young couples moving into the neighborhood is to have children. Even without the hundreds of kids here today and coming soon, the daycare centers where office workers drop off their kids while they go to work nearby will provide an endless supply of 2-7 year olds desperate for some healthy sunshine and space to run around and socialize. But they need YOU to put this August 28th meeting in your calendar and to show up to ask for a playground!

Here is the announcement (PDF File to print and post in your building!):


The Paramount Group, project sponsor of the proposed residential building at 75 Howard, is holding a community meeting next week. The meeting is designed to seek community input on potential uses for the permanently funded open space on the “triangle lot” bounded by Howard, Steuart and The Embarcadero. Please see the attached flyer for more details.

We hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation, as the project sponsor seeks to build open space that is reflective of community desires. Should consensus be reached at this meeting, that consensus will constitute the design for the triangle lot.

Feel free to circulate this document to other interested parties, as all neighbors are welcome. We hope to see you on Wednesday the 28th from 6pm-8pm at the Embarcadero YMCA.

–          Alex Clemens

Here are some photos of the site and a possible playground design, courtesy of our neighbor who helped make the VERY popular and well-utilized new playground at Sue Bierman Park a realtiy – Adhamina Rodriguez.




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