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Planning Meeting for Rincon Hill Neighbors on 333 Harrison Park on Tuesday

Don’t forget to attend the first planning meeting for a park at 333 Harrison Street (on west side of Bridgeview). The meeting will be held at One Rincon Hill’s Hospitality Room (425 1st Street) on Tuesday, December 8th beginning at 6pm, and Emerald Fund, the meeting’s host, will provide some holiday snacks and drinks.  The meeting will be moderated by well-known open space advocates Dr. Isabel Wade and Corinne Woods.

You can read about the 333 Harrison Street project and see drawings of the planned park to start thinking about what would be best for our open space-starved neighborhood.  I’d hoped some folks would post their ideas to our Facebook Fan Page, but no one has posted anything yet … maybe you’ll be the first?

If you are not able to attend this December 8th meeting because of other obligations, the next Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday, January 5, 2010 from 6:30pm – 8:00pm at The Infinity’s Club Lounge will also feature Dr. Wade and Corinne Woods and a continuation of the discussion about this park that likely builds upon ideas discussed at the December 8th meeting.

This is our opportunity as Rincon Hill neighborhood residents to discuss brainstorm amongst ourselves with the top notch resources of our experienced moderators, and to try to come to consensus on what recreational resources will be available in the 333 Harrison Street park – and pass those ideas along to Emerald Fund for use in grant proposals to (hopefully) help fund the development of the park.

A huge thank you to Emerald Fund and Dr. Isabel Wade and Corinne Woods for your time and the opportunity to collaborate on the plans for this neighborhood park!

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