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Port Meeting on Monday, October 1st Regarding Criteria for Seawall Lot 337 Development

The Port of San Francisco is in the process of establishing criteria in order to solicit development proposals for Seawall Lot 337 (otherwise known as Parking Lot A behind AT&T Park on 3rd Street). The lease with the Giants ends in 2009 if I remember right, and the Port is trying to figure out how to make some more money to dig themselves out of their deficits.

It is nice that they’re planning other projects while seemingly moving on past any movement on the Brannan Street Wharf – you know, the eyesore on The Embarcadero between the Bay Bridge and AT&T Park that is fenced off and dilapidated to the point of no return?

Anyway … here’s the information from the Port about their next project (intro music “Promises, Promises” by Naked Eyes)….

The SWL 337 Port Commission Committee will hold a key community meeting on

Monday, October 1, 2007
5:00 – 7:30 pm
Port of San Francisco at Pier 1

Embarcadero@Washington Street
Bayside Conference Room

At this meeting, members of the public will be invited to develop final criteria for the development of SWL 337. The draft criteria are based on public comments aired in past public meetings and otherwise received by the Port. The Port is preparing a developer solicitation for SWL 337. The development criteria will set the ground rules for development proposals.

To help inform the public’s understanding of open space and design-related criteria, the Port and San Francisco Planning Department will jointly present examples of urban waterfronts and public open spaces. At the meeting, staff also will finalize the schedule for issuing a request to solicit development proposals.

A detailed agenda and proposed criteria will be sent out via email on or about September 25th, prior to the October 1 meeting. Previous versions released on June 18, 2007, and those reviewed at a public workshop on July 30, 2007 are posted on the Port’s website at http://www.sfport.com/site/port_page.asp?id=56101

If you have questions regarding this meetings or other SWL 337 issues, contact Kanya Dorland at (415) 274-0264 or Kanya.Dorland@sfport.com.

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