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Port Property – Rezoning Meeting

UPDATED ON April 28, 2007:
Monday, May 14th @ 5:30 p.m. Pier 1, Bayside Room
This was the meeting planned for May 2nd to discuss the proposed sea wall lot legislation. At the request of the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, we delayed the meeting until May14th. The meeting is being hosted by the Port and is open to one and all. The point person at the Port is Brad Benson, 274-0498. A meeting notice for this meeting will be posted on the Port’s website at www.sfport.com.

The legislation will ultimately have to be approved by the Port Commission and the City’s State Legislative Committee before moving forward at the State. Our hope is to get it heard by the State Legislature, if appropriate, in the early part of the summer.

Why is this of interest to Rincon Hill residents? It is my understanding that the sea wall lot next to the Watermark is also included in the proposed re-zoning by the Port. Please attend this meeting if you can and ask questions about the proposed re-zoning that come to mind.

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