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Rincon Hill Relevant Meetings on Monday

First of all, please do RSVP with info@rinconhillneighbors.org if you plan on attending the first public meeting (as far as I’m aware) of the brand new Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association on Monday, May 14th at 5:30pm hosted at One Rincon Hill Sales Center at 511 Harrison Street (at First Street – Parking available).

Also important (but scheduled at a totally inconvenient time for most working folks) is a Board of Supervisors Special Budget and Finance Committee Meeting also on Monday, May 14th in the early afternoon – 2:00PM in room 250 at San Francisco’s City Hall. The first item on the agenda is approval of the City-wide wireless Internet agreement with Earthlink. If you are in favor of this agreement like I am – or if you’re not, please be sure to telephone Chris Daly’s office at 415-554-7970 or, if you’re anxious about talking on a phone, e-mail chris.daly@sfgov.org (or your respective Supervisor) to express your support or opposition.
Even better, show up at the Committee meeting and voice your opinion at 2pm on Monday. Most of these things are likely decided before the meeting and your opinions will be ignored – unless there’s an overwhelming since that a political career might be threatened by voting against the public. That’s politics for ya – rubberstamping and backroom deals (more reason for regular citizens to get off the couch and GET INVOLVED). Please be involved – it is your responsibility as a citizen of San Francisco to help manage our City workers (including the Supervisors and Mayor!!). There’s a rally in favor of the Earthlink Wi-Fi deal at 1:00pm on the 1 Dr. Carlton Goodlett Place side of City Hall.
Just think – checking NextMuni.com with a Wi-Fi device could be available to all folks able to afford a Wi-Fi enabled PDA!

The Port meeting also, unfortunately scheduled on Monday at the same time as the first public RHNA meeting, is VERY IMPORTANT to those of us living near the water front. Here’s the info. from an e-mail the Port sent out about the Wednesday, May 16th at 5:30PM meeting:

The Port, with Telegraph Hill Dwellers and Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association, will be co-sponsoring a public forum to review proposed State legislation relating to lifting public trust land use restrictions from certain inland properties (“Seawall Lots”) under the Port’s jurisdiction.

This topic has been presented previously to the Port Commission, and is
offered again to the public on:

Monday, May 14, 2007
5:30 – 7:30 pm
Port’s Offices at Pier 1
Bayside Conference Rooms
the Embarcadero at Washington Street

Port staff will provide a public presentation of the proposed legislation.
Jennifer Clary of San Francisco Tomorrow and Jay Folberg of Barbary Coast will be moderators for public questions and dialog. If you have any questions about this meeting, contact Brad Benson, Special Projects Manager at Brad.Benson@sfport.com.

I will see those of you who attend the RHNA meeting on Monday at the One Rincon Hill Sales Center, hopefully with some flyers in my hand about the Rincon Hill Neighbors AIDS Walk team I am recruiting walkers for.

As always, please email me (Jamie) at rinconhill@gmail.com if you’re aware of other events and meetings Rincon Hill and Transbay area folks should know about and attend because they affect our quality of life!

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