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SoMa Transportation Workshop Rescheduled to October 30th

UPDATE 10/28/2012: Here are some notes from an informal coffee klatsch of about 6 neighbors talking about the Warriors Fiscal Feasibility document.


With the Warriors Arena as prompt, we have an opportunity to focus on the needs of better transit for SoMa for both residents and for serving the arena in such a way that folks want to take transit instead of driving their cancer causing particulate matter-spewing cars into Rincon Hill or South Beach to attend events.  Please send your transportation thoughts/suggestions with “SoMa Transportation Workshop Input” in the subject line to Peter.Albert@sfmta.com

From Gloria Chan of the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development:

We wish to continue the progress on gathering data for all transportation networks to inform the Transportation Assessment. A key goal in gathering data is to ensure we are reflecting and capturing your input as accurately as possible. Attached is a draft summary of input, concerns, ideas, suggestions and recommendations we’ve received thus far. The summary also includes comments touching on the same area; which helped shape the America’s Cup “People Plan” developed over the last year.

Please review this summary, and add  as you see fit to help ensure this inventory is reflective of your thoughts. We recognize the need to keep this summary fluid and adapted to new input, so if you send us feedback by Friday, October 26, your efforts will help to inform a revised summary in preparation for the upcoming workshop.

When:        Tuesday, October 30

Time:                 6-7:30pm

Where:        Pier 1, Bayside Conference Room  (accessible by MUNI Metro)

What:                 Transportation Workshop  

Thank you for your participation.


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