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Transbay CAC Meeting – Block 11 (Tentative Supportive Housing) on the Agenda

I know that many Rincon Hill neighbors are interested in monitoring the supportive housing proposed for Block 11 as part of the Transbay Redevelopment plan. I’ve not had a chance to educate myself personally, and I look forward to learning more from the overall redevelopment project’s manager Mike Grisso at the next Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association meeting at The Infinity this Tuesday.

I do know that it is completely unacceptable to create a crime incubator in our neighborhood if inebriates and drug addicts are provided housing with no responsibilities and no involvement in making the community better. If the supportive housing is provided to disabled veterans and senior citizens who are not bound and determined to kill themselves with drugs and booze and to make everyone around them miserable along the journey they chose for themselves, that’s another story. If it is another Delancey Street Foundation type operation, I personally welcome it with open arms because I know that Delancey Street has done wonderful work and expects their residents to give back as much as they take from their community.

In the meanwhile, there is a meeting of the Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee next Thursday that may be of interest to folks who want to learn more and voice their support/dissent. Rincon Hill neighborhood residents should try like hell to get on this Committee whenever there are openings.

Starting at 5:30 P.M.

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room
San Francisco, CA 94103

1. Welcome & Introductions. (5 min)

2. Authorizing submittal of an application to the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development for funding under the Infill Infrastructure Grant Program for the Transbay Redevelopment Project Area (Action) (20 min)

3. Presentation and discussion by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority of signage and wayfinding plan for the Temporary Terminal (30 min)

4. Update on other Transbay Redevelopment Project Area developments: (15 min)
• Block 1 assembly
• Block 11 RFP
• Block 8 RFP
• Folsom Off-Ramp Redesign
• Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget

5. Adjournment

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