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Transbay Streetscape & Open Space Design Options

Earlier this evening, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency’s Mike Grisso and Courtney Pash, and the Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee hosted a community meeting with CMG Landscape Architecture presenting three concepts for the 1.4 Acre Oscar Park and adjoining streetscapes.

While we should see the presentation and feedback information posted on the Redevelopment Agency’s Transbay web page at some point, I’ve taken the liberty (and my limited Photoshop skills) to show you the “Pak a la Carte Menu” that was used for attendees to rank our order of preference for concepts 1, 2, and 3 for each of 6 park zones.  If you click the image below, you’ll be able to download a huge (~10 MB) PDF file that is more easily read.

You can send your feedback to Courtney.Pash@sfgov.org

I would suggest this format in an e-mail (yes, these are my personal preferences):

Zone 1 – Choice 1) Culture Park (we need a playground for kids & like idea of Bay Bridge bike and pedestrian ramp landing there)

Zone 1 – Choice 2) Terrain Park (Choosing this as my second option because it keeps the Bay Bridge bike and pedestrian ramp landing in the mix)

Zone 2 – Choice 1) Urban Wild Park (We could use a dog park to share with Yerba Buena residents)

Zone 2 – Choice 2) Terrain Park (A climbing gym might be interesting in this spot)

Zone 3 – Choice 1) Urban Wild Park (This being a relatively sunny spot, it should contain a flexible sport court for sure)

Zone 3 – Choice 2) Culture Park (An amphitheater and stage might create a destination along Folsom Street for shopping on this new commercial corridor for South of Market)

Zone 4 – Choice 1) Culture Park (another flexible sport court with some green space would be welcomed and fulfill a need)

Zone 4 – Choice 2) Terrain Park (flexible programming for movies, miniature golf, and play sounds like a good community gathering space!)

Zone 5 – Choice 1) Culture Park (picnic area, beer garden, cafe …. all good options)

Zone 5 – Choice 2) Urban Wild Park (dining and cafe plaza would be better than open lawn …. assuming plaza next to 41 Tehama will be an open lawn with seating and maybe gardens)

Zone 6 – Choice 1) Terrain Park (swings that hang from the bus ramp sound like fun!)

Zone 6 – Choice 2) Culture Park (sculptural climbing gym for kids and adults would provide more of the needed recreational activity for residents)

At any rate, I hope you’ll take time to provide some input!  There was mention of painting murals on the undersides of the ramps, which would be a great way to liven up the recreational/open space underneath these roadways. Also, lighting effects and good lighting in general would be good for safety and for making the park more appealing in the evening/early morning hours.

The next community meeting on Oscar Park is tentatively scheduled for January 12th!

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