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Western SoMa Neighborhood Transportation Plan Meeting

While this meeting covers the area west of 7th Street more or less, there are a lot of topics that may be worthwhile for Rincon Hill residents to learn more about to consider when advocating for safer streets for pedestrians in our neighborhood. The re-design of Folsom Street should also be of interest … Folsom will be very different in our part of town in just a few years, with the street acting as the central, commercial spine of the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 28, 6–8pm

Bessie Carmichael Elementary School
375 7th Street , between Folsom and Harrison

Western SoMa Neighborhood Transportation Plan
A follow-up effort to refine and develop selected transportation recommendations from the Western SoMa Community Plan. Come to the meeting to find out about proposed transportation improvements and discuss current and future community needs and priorities!


1. ALLEY IMPROVEMENTS. A range of treatments could enhance the look and feel of Western SoMa alleys, from traffic calming and additional landscaping to shared vehicle/pedestrian spaces.

2. MID-BLOCK CROSSINGS. To address long block lengths, additional signalized crossings of major streets could provide more direct walking routes.

3. PEDESTRIAN STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS. Under-utilized road space could be repurposed to create more and better pedestrian spaces on selected streets with planted medians, wider sidewalks, and additional street tree coverage

NOTE: Cross-neighborhood issues, such as a re-design of Folsom Street, will be addressed by a separate effort called the Eastern Neighborhoods Transportation Implementation Planning Study (EN TRIPS).

Which types of improvements should get the highest priority? Which locations?

Disabled access translation available upon request by July 21
Snacks will be provided

Chester Fung, 415.522.4804

2 Responses to Western SoMa Neighborhood Transportation Plan Meeting

  1. Hi Jamie,

    I was curious if you and the neighborhood association have had a chance to talk with the MTA re: the 2nd street redesign yet? Have they given you any heads-up on a timeline for working out the details?

    Also, we you guys involved in appealing the CEQA vote to the Board? Just curious. Got to get this news somewhere 🙂

    Best, Justin

  2. Hi Justin,

    It was another, distinct neighborhood association, the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association, that filed the appeal of the Bike Plan’s EIR (CEQA requirement). The Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association did not play any role in the appeal of the Bike Plan’s EIR after the Planning Commission approved it. While it was poor judgement to run an EIR public comment period between the Thanksgiving holiday and New Year’s, it is really the design proposed for 2nd Street that concerned RHNA members.

    The RHNA is focused only on getting a better design specifically for 2nd Street that does not force drivers to make 3 right-turns down our long, uninterrupted blocks … a utility lane that provides for left-turns in the middle of the northbound and southbound lanes on 2nd Street similar to the one on Valencia seems like it would help mitigate additional traffic congestion on streets in Rincon Hill and nearby created by halving the capacity of 2nd Street.

    I am not directly involved in the talks with the MTA and San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, mainly because my job doesn’t allow me to attend meetings prior to 6pm. However, Katy Liddell, President of the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association has been keeping me in the loop. I anticipate that it might take several months to go through the public process on the design for 2nd Street that the MTA should have performed earlier in the process.