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Captain McDonagh's Comments on Bay to Breakers

I’m catching up on some things that came into my email inbox while I was on vacation in Barcelona … here’s the latest Captain’s Comments from Southern Station Captain Daniel McDonagh (subscribe)

The Bay to Breakers Race came off much better than last year. This was due to the outreach by race organizers making the public aware of what the problems and complaints were regarding the conduct of some participants. The Police Department always tries to work with event organizers to prevent any problems from taking place. There is no event in the city that allows patrons to break the law. Sometimes the sheer number of people involved in events significantly hinders the police enforcement capabilities. It is with the help of the event organizers and their public outreach that educates the public to stop illegal behavior before it happens. Some individuals regard a community fair as an opportune time to act out in ways that they wouldn’t normally in public. The police department is obligated to take action as the law doesn’t stop at a barrier for a street closure. All a street closure means is cars are prohibited from going across the street. The same actions that were illegal before are still illegal during an event. With summer coming Southern Station is working closely with our event coordinator to ensure peaceful and orderly events for the entire district.

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