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Clues on Car Break-In Perpetrators

I subscribe to the entries on www.SeeClickFix.com that occur within the Rincon Hill neighborhood, and I receive notifications of updated comments.

One update mentioned that the encampment in Rincon Alley has moved on to Mission Bay.

Another comment mentioned some details about a car break-in that might be helpful for those of us keeping an eye out for strange behavior and who call the non-emergency police number 415-553-0123 when we would like police to drive by and check things out. Here are those details from Frank ….

“Just reviewed the security cameras which didn’t capture much but did provide additional information. It (car break-in near Harrison and 1st) happened around 9-10pm and it was a team of two people on bicycles. one was pushing his bike, and the other was riding his bike. At first I thought it was homeless people trying to get whatever they can, but it now looks like a more organize effort and what they are after may potentially be more than a quick buck. More than likely going after the identity information rather than a radio or backpack inside the car.”

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