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Community Patrol Crime Activity Report

From our friend and neighbor Ken Craig of Community Patrol …




North – Harrison Street   EastThe Embarcadero   South – 16th Street    West – 7th Street

(Guy Place & Lansing Street included – North of Harrison St.)

Priority 1 2 0 2 1 5
Priority 2 52 34 20 15 121
Priority 3 37 25 17 53 132
OTHER 124 144 240 155 663
TOTAL 215 203 279 224 921

Priority 1 = Murder / Rape / Assault With Deadly Weapon Priority 2 = Assault / Battery / Strong-arm Robbery

Priority 3 = Robbery / Burglary / Auto Boost or Strip / Theft / Fraud * OTHER = All other reported incidents

(* – Auto Boost or Strip / Theft / Fraud categories were added to Priority 3 beginning April 1, 2010)

FRI 04/23/2010
PSP 02:30 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – saw a black male pacing back and forth on Guy Street.  Watched him for about 10 minutes, asked him if he lived in the area, he said no, we told him to leave the area.  He complied.
PSP 03:00 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – while on foot patrol heard a loud verbal fight at gas station responded on foot.  Saw two males and two females verbally yelling at each other.  We broke up fight before it became physical.  All went their separate ways.
THU 04/22/2010
3 PSP 22:50 hrs AUTO BOOST / STRIP – At the Paragon restaurant received a called a car parked in front of restaurant across from 88 Townsend was broken into, no suspect description don’t know what happened,  a customer called an hour after it happened.  Advised them to go to the police station and make a police report.  They  had a lot of luggage and jewelry in plain view.
3 PSP 20:00 hrs AUTO BOOST / STRIP – A 911 call from 570 Beale regarding a Latin male, 6 ft. 1 , white jacket and blue jeans in his 30’s trying to steal moped outside of 570 Beale.  He tried to steal it but it was locked and he was not able to move it.  A group of people yelled at him, so he ran away.     From 500 Beale to the 400 block of Beale I responded with SFPD searched area couldn’t find him.  About 10 minutes later a call came out from 400 Beale. the same description he was chasing tenants into 400 Beale.  We responded down there but couldn’t find the guy.
WED 04/21/2010
3 22:56 hrs PETTY THEFT – 100 Block of Townsend St. 101114156
3 21:28 hrs AUTO BOOST / STRIP – Bryant St. & 2nd St. 101113862
3 17:05 hrs AUTO BOOST / STRIP – Bryant St. & Embarcadero 101112969
3 14:19 hrs FRAUD – 200 Block of King St. 101112261
13:28 hrs INTOXICATED PERSON – 500 Block of 4th St. 101112038
PSP NOT KNOWN ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – Removed a large homeless encampment in Clementina Alley.
PSP 02:55 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless in Clarence Alley by the dumpster.  A garbage man flagged us down to move him on.
TUE 04/20/2010
PSP 23:55 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed two homeless from Colin P. Kelley Alley.
PSP 21:40 hrs SAFETY ASSISTANCE – assisted one of the tenants at 88 Townsend who could not get in garage.  Stood by while he got his remote for the garage.
PSP 18:30 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – on foot patrol in front of MoMo’s saw a black male in front who looked suspicious blocking the door.  I asked manager if he was a customer, he said no, so I asked him to leave the area, he complied.
PSP 18:10 hrs PANHANDLING – removed two panhandlers from the gas station at 1st & Harrison
3 15:43 hrs BURGLARY – 400 Block of Terry A. Francois Bl 101102475
MON 04/19/2010
3 19:25 hrs FRAUD – 400 Block of Spear St. 101093302
2 07:11 hrs ASSAULT / BATTERY –  4th St. & Townsend St. 101090510
PSP 01:47 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless sleeping on the Sound Factory steps.
SUN 04/18/2010
PSP 23:17 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed two homeless sleeping in the parking lot in Clementina Alley.
PSP 19:37 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless in gas station.
1 17:14 hrs ASSAULT WITH DEADLY WEAPON (KNIFE) – Bridgeview Way & South St. 101082526
PSP 16:45 hrs ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE – removed 4 kids on steps leading down to Essex St. smoking small amount of marijuana, I disposed of it and told them to move on.  They complied.
12:20 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 200 Block of King St. 101080065
12:05 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 00 Block of Lansing St. 101080023
PSP 01:50 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – Bayside Village security called re suspicious vehicle with male in car on Bryant St.  We got there talked to the guy and it was only a drunk guy sitting in his car waiting for his friend who was at Bayside Village.
PSP 00:16 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – some tenants from 81 Lansing were complaining about a loud party going on across the way from 68 Lansing we went over and told them to keep it down and there were no more complaints.
SAT 04/17/2010
PSP 23:05 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – removed homeless panhandlers from gas station.
PSP 22:50 hrs TRESSPASS / SUSPICIOUS PERSON – 88 King called re: a drunk white male, in his 20’s blue shirt, jumped fence on Townsend St. side.  I got there in about 30 seconds, but didn’t see him.  He was last seen running down Colin P. Kelley west towards 3rd St.  Searched the area but unable to find him.
22:20 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – Terry A. Francois Bl & Mission Rock St. 101073783
PSP 21:00 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 88 King responded with SFPD to one of the rooms regarding a noise complaint.  They were told to quiet down and they complied.
PSP 19:33 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – Harrison St. side of 81 Lansing removed homeless lady going through her belongs by garage door.  She was making a mess, made her pick it up and move along.
19:29 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 00 Block of King St. 101073193
PSP 19:20 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – removed homeless panhandlers from gas station.
PSP 17:26 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – removed homeless panhandlers from gas station.
PSP 16:41 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – removed homeless panhandlers from gas station.
PSP 13:41 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless sleeping in alleyway behind 101 Townsend.
2 02:28 hrs STRONGARM ROBBERY – Perry St. & 3rd St. 101070459
PSP 01:20 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – outside of 50 Lansing removed black male sitting between two cars acting suspicious.  Asked him if he lived in the area, he said no, told him to move on.  He complied.
FRI 04/16/2010
PSP 22:30 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – At stairs next to 81 Lansing leading to Essex removed homeless blocking stairs.
PSP 22:30 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – A tenant at 175 Bluxome flagged me out saw suspicious black male hanging out by his garage.  He thought guy followed him inside, I searched entire garage with the tenant, we found no one.
PSP 20:30 hrs DRUNK & DISORDERLY – call at 178 Townsend re: very intoxicated drunk male faced down paramedics showed up and we helped paramedics who took him to hospital to sober up.
PSP 20:10 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLER – removed aggressive panhandler at gas station.
PSP 16:46 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed homeless blocking sidewalk sleeping under freeway at Essex & Folsom.
3 06:01 hrs PETTY THEFT – 200 Block of Berry St. 101060545
PSP 04:10 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – there was a black male on a mountain bike in Colin P. Kelley just riding his bike back and forth I stopped him and told him to get out of the area.  He complied.
THU 04/15/2010
PSP 23:50 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed homeless at Essex & Harrison under freeway.
22:59 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 00 Block of Townsend St. 101053984
PSP 22:15 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless sleeping on bench next to Chinese restaurant at South Beach Marina Apts.
PSP 20:40 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – 2nd Clementina flagged down by passerby a suspicious white car parked with a guy in it next to the Marriott.  I approached the car it was a person parking his car and staying at the Marriott all clear.
3 19:43 hrs AUTO BOOST / STRIP – Bryant St. & Main St. 101053377
PSP 18:20 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed a homeless at Essex & Folsom under freeway.
PSP 16:30 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – At Walgreens, 4th and Townsend there was a sleeper in front, people were actually stepping over him.  I removed the guy and told him to move on.
3 12:35 hrs BURGLARY – 200 Block of Ritch St. 101051740
3 06:47 hrs BURGLARY – 600 Brannan St. 101050521
PSP 02:50 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – one homeless from Essex & Folsom sleeping under freeway.
PSP 01:00 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – 88 King – homeless sleeping on King St. about 25 yards from front door on King St. side, blocking sidewalk.
WED 04/14/2010
PSP 22:00 hrs PANHANDLING – removed one panhandler from gas station.
PSP 20:30 hrs PAROLEE AT LARGE – While on patrol in the Guy Lansing area at the top of the horseshoe Patrol Special Police Officer Scott Hart spotted two white males on mountain bikes.   Both had backpacks on them and looked very suspicious.  When they saw me they hid behind a vehicle.  I stopped and detained both suspects and after further investigation dispatch notified us they were both parolees at large on parole for burglary.  Inside their backpacks contained bolt cutters. pliers, screwdrivers, allen wrenches, rings of master keys and many other burglary tools.  I called SFPD to help with the investigation and both were arrested for being parolees at large and in possession of burglary tools.  By catching these guys, we probably stopped many burglaries in the area.
18:17 hrs INTOXICATED PERSON – 00 Block of South Park Av. 101043218
PSP 18:15 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – removed one homeless going thru recycling bins in Lansing Alley, made him put it all back.
2 PSP 17:20 hrs ASSAULT / BATTERY – there was a fight at 298 King one arrested for drunk in public.
17:13 hrs VANDALISM – 100 Block of Bluxome St. 101042935
PSP 16:30 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – 530 Brannan – homeless standing next to garage entrance waiting for people to go in and out probably to get in and break into cars.  Made him move out of the area.
PSP 03:48 hrs SUSPICIOUS PERSON – stopped and detained a black male looking into cars with a flashlight inside Lansing Alley.   Moved him on.  Got his name but he didn’t do anything so couldn’t do anything about it.  Told him a uniformed presence is always in the area, so stay away.
03:47 hrs VANDALISM – 200 Block of Brannan St. 101040329
3 PSP 02:22 hrs PETTY THEFT – security guard from 219 Brannan called said he saw two white males stealing the covers from auto sprinkler connectors, the chrome covers at 200 Brannan.  The guard from 219 Brannan has the theft on video.
02:16 hrs VANDALISM – 200 Block of Brannan St. 101040224
PSP 02:00 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 178 Bluxome removed a homeless person.
TUE 04/13/2010
PSP 23:10 hrs AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – removed one aggressive panhandler from gas station.
PSP 22:42 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – 178 Bluxome removed homeless in park area.
22:29 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – 100 Block of King St. 101033826
2 21:14 hrs ASSAULT / BATTERY – 00 Block of Willie Mays Pz 101033593
PSP 20:45 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed two homeless sleeping at Essex & Harrison under freeway.
3 17:36 hrs BURGLARY – 500 Block of Beale St. 101032860
PSP 17:00 hrs SECURITY SERVICE – 88 Townsend walking garage area saw an older black female walking inside looking lost, she was trying all doors, stopped her she said she was at the dentist office and couldn’t find her way out.  I escorted her out of the garage.
3 10:08 hrs BURGLARY – 00 Block South Park Av 101031101
2 07:16 hrs STRONGARM ROBBERY – 200 Block of Brannan St. 101030547
PSP 02:30 hrs SECURITY SERVICE – 88 King called someone came to front desk and said someone was looking into Porsche around the corner in front of 49 Townsend.   When we got there car door was unlocked we were advised it belonged to tenant at 88 King in room 701.  Called guy in his room he was not there.  We decided to take his property out of the car so they can hold it for safekeeping at front desk.
PSP 01:17 hrs ILLEGAL ENCAMPMENT – removed one homeless from Sound Factory stairs sleeping.
PSP 00:17 hrs NOISE / NUISANCE – removed homeless going through dumpster behind 101 Townsend making a lot of noise collecting cans.

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