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Community Patrol Crime Activity Report

Our neighbor and leader of the South Beach Community Patrol, Ken Craig, provided this crime activity report. You can learn a lot more about Ken’s efforts and public safety in general at the South Beach/Rincon/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association meeting on January 11, 2009 from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. at the South Beach Harbor Services Building (between Pier 40 and AT&T Park). Please attend the meeting so that you can learn how you can get involved with the Community Patrol.

N – Harrison Street   E – The Embarcadero   S – The Channel    W – 5th Street
00:30 hrs. PSP SUSPICIOUS PERSON – While on routine patrol, PSP observed a homeless man at 2nd and King going through garbage and throwing it everywhere.  PSP made him pick it up and moved him on.
03:42 hrs. PSP SUSPICIOUS PERSON/S – While on patrol in car we spotted two white males on bikes driving around South Beach Apartments, in the fire lane,  stopped them asked them what they were doing said they were collecting recycles. No recyclables on them.  They are known auto boosters.  Told them to leave neighborhood.  they complied.
22:57 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/STRIP 00 Block Willie Mays Plaza Case Number: 093573671
21:30 hrs.PSP Public Assistance – While doing foot patrol at 2nd King I was approached by someone told me that two people were trying to break into a car at 2nd and Townsend.  When I got there it was two people that had locked themselves out of their car.  I got my slim jim out and opened car for them.  They were guests of Paragon.  Happy we were able to help them.
22:21 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/THEFT  4th St. & Brannan St.  Case Number: 093563729
00:52 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY  600 5th Street  Case Number: 093560991
00:18 hrs SFPD ROBBERY Purse Snatch 600 Block of 3rd St.  Case Number: 093560706
23:07 hrs PSP Safety Escort Service – Female bartender from Pete’s Tavern called us for an escort.  We escorted her to her private vehicle.
22:07 hrs PSP DRUGS / ALCOHOL – While on patrol PSP observed two adult males and one adult female smoking marijuana at the Towers on 88 King Street in the back entrance on Townsend St. They were blocking a doorway.  We approached them and discovered they had a very small amount, of the marijuana which PSP disposed of and advised them to leave the area.  They advised PSP offices that they worked on Townsend Street.
 20:10 hrs PSP AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – PSP were on patrol at 2nd and Townsend when an elderly couple who live in area reported being harassed by aggressive homeless man on a bike who was panhandling.  They requested an escort to their car at 2nd & Brannan, which we provided.  Got them to their car safely and they were happy we are in the area.  When we tried to locate the panhandler, we were unable to find him.
18:05 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/STRIP – Harrison St. & 5th St. Case Number: 093552726 
22:38 hrs SFPD PERSON WITH GUN – 500 Block of 4th St. Case Number: 093543609
20:53 hrs SFPD NOISE COMPLAINT – 300 Block of Townsend St. Case Number: 093543244
20:33 hrs SFPD SEXUAL ASSAULT – 500 Block of 5th St.  Case Number: 093543179
19:37 hrs SFPD NOISE COMPLAINT – 300 Block of Townsend St. Case Number: 093543024
17:08 hrs SFPD NOISE COMPLAINT – 00 Block of Perry St. Case Number: 093542542
10:52 hrs SFPD PETTY THEFT – 00 Block of Perry St. Case Number: 093541272
05:01 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 00 Block of South Park Av. Case Number: 093540701
02:11 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 4th Street & Harrison St. Case Number: 093540449
01:50 hrs SFPD/PSP NOISE COMPLAINT – 2 Townsend St. : PSP responded to an SFPD service call at 2 Townsend Street regarding a loud argument between an Asian male and Asian female. PSP arrived within one minute of the radio call, calmed the situation, and sent them home in a cab without further incident.
00:43 hrs SFPD BURGLARY – 300 Block of Bryant St. Case Number: 093541008
04:55 hrs SFPD BURGLARY – 500 Block of 3rd St.  Case Number: 093530637
03/37 hrs SFPD VEHICLE THEFT – 100 Block of Berry St. Case Number: 093530562
23:18 hrs SFPD DRUG/ALCOHOL – 200 King St. Case Number: 093524183
21:30 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 5th St. & Bluxome St.  Case Number: 093523969
19:22 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/STRIP – Harrison St. & Embarcadero Case Number: 093523325
07:18 hrs SFPD VANDALISM – 100 Block of King St. Case Number: 093520715
02:39 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 5th St. & Bryant St.  Case Number: 093520341
23:39 hrs SPFD BURGLARY – 00 Block of South Park Av.  Case Number: 093514173
02:32 hrs PSP SUSPICIOUS PERSON While conducting patrol at 2nd & Townsend PSP spotted a black male, known auto booster on a bike, PSP officers followed him around the neighborhood to 6th and Folsom, with no problems, where he left the area.
00:14 hrs SFPD FRAUD – 100 Block of Berry St. Case Number: 093511052
22: 00 hrs PSP DRUNK & DISORDERLY – 200 Brannan called re drunk stumbling around area.  We showed up along with SFPD and we directed him home without problems.
19:40 hrs PSP AGGRESSIVE PANHANDLING – While on foot patrol we were stopped by a person telling us there was an aggressive panhandler at 2nd and King, across from MoMo’s.  We advised him to leave the area and he complied.
06:04 hrs SFPD ASSUALT/BATTERY – 600 Block of Bryant St. Case Number: 093500532
05:20 hrs SFPD AGG. ASSAULT/ADW – 500 Block of Bryant St. Case Number: 093500489
03:40 hrs PSP Safety Escort Service – Pete’s Tavern Employee Patrol Special Police (PSP) provided a safety escort for the female bartender of the bar to her personal vehicle after the bar closed down for the evening in the early hours of the morning. This is a community policing crime prevention service for subscribers of the PSP.    
00:47 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/STRIP – 500 Block Beale St. Case Number: 093500851
00:37 hrs  SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 00 Block of Townsend St. Case Number: 093500121
22:50 hrs SFPD STRONGARM ROBBERY – 4th St. & Townsend St.  Case Number: 093493745
22:48 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 4th St. & King St. Case Number: 093493742
20:06 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 500 Block of 5th St. Case Number: 093493230
16:33 hrs SFPD BURGLARY – 500 Block of Beale St. Case Number: 093492946
15:20 hrs SFPD INDECENT EXPOSURE – 2nd St. & Harrison St. Case Number: 093492154
15:45 hrs SFPD STRONGARM ROBBERY – 600 Block of Brannan St. Case Number: 093492316
01:21 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 200 Block of Harrison St. Case Number: 093490156
00:49 hrs SFPD ASSAULT/BATTERY – 300 Block of 5th St. Case Number: 093490095
20:14 hrs SFPD BURGLARY – 00 Block of Townsend St.  Case Number: 093483351
14:32 hrs SFPD AUTO BOOST/STRIP – 800 Block of Harrison St. Case Number: 093482052
14:19 hrs SFPD VANDALISM – 600 Block of 4th St. Case Number: 093481987
SFPD Southern Station implemented an undercover operation in the South Beach and surrounding area recently in an effort to curb an alarming rise in automobile boosting and stripping crimes. The operation has been going on for some time now and SFPD reports a drop in such crime of over 30%!.    Please be sure to contact Captain McDonagh of Southern Station to thank him and his officers for their attention to this problem. 
The following safety and security recommendations are based on advice and suggestions from a number of safety and security information sources including SFPD, Patrol Special Police, USA On Watch, SF-Safety Awareness for Everyone, Community Patrol, Triangle Martial Arts Association and more……

Crimes of opportunity from unauthorized  entry to condo garages & buildingsResidents and tenants should try :
o      To take a little more time as they exit or enter building garages to ensure no-one “sneaks” in before the gate closes fully. This can take a minute or two longer, but that minute can save others a lot of time and money in preventing a theft.
o      To be equally observant when entering or leaving through any secured entry door, ensuring no strangers follow you in or enter as you leave.
o      Take a moment to note any strangers who appear to be loitering around garage gates or entry doors. They may be innocently waiting for friends, but a quick mention to security or jotting down a description of how many, clothing, demeanor etc. may be helpful if an incident should occur later on.
o      To notify Security, or SFPD if they notice anything suspicious or unusual and provide the description you noted above.

ADD ICE TO YOUR CELL PHONE – ICE is an acronym for In Case of Emergency.
Emergency responders will look for an ICE-1, ICE-2 etc. entry in your cell phone and will call that number if you are found unconscious, incoherent, or otherwise incapacitated.  Add the name and telephone number of a close friend who would be able to come to your aid or provide information to emergency services personnel should the worst ever happen. 

Active neighborhood and business watch programs can significantly reduce crime, theft, losses and neighborhood disruption. They also help to provide invaluable information and intelligence to police who often do not know as much about the activities and character of the neighborhood they patrol, as the residents and business owners do.
– Join or create a neighborhood watch on your street or in your building.
– Jon or create a business watch on your street on in your business complex.

If you hear or know of anything crime or safety related happening within our neighborhood which you believe others should be aware of, please let us know by sending an e-mail to KenCraigCA@gmail.com . We will be sure to pass on any information received to the most appropriate referral organization. 
Some other useful numbers and organizations to be aware of:
·         415.553.8090  SFPD 911 Emergency Equivalent Direct Number
·         415.553.0123  SFPD Non-Emergency Number
·         San Francisco Patrol Special Police  www.sfspecialneighborhoodpolicing.org
·         415.260.6239  Community Patrol Officers Association (CPOA) – Ken Craig
·         3-1-1   San Francisco Services (lights, broken pavements, garbage, etc.)
·         2-1-1   Social Services
·         (415) 553-1984  SF Safety Awareness For Everyone (SAFE), www.sfsafe.org
·         (415) 992.5551  Triangle Martial Arts Association (TMAA), www.TriangleMAA.org
·         (415) 431-7500  Mobile Assistance Patrol (MAP), homeless issues 
·         (415) 355-8300  Mobile Crisis Treatment Team (Mental Health Issues)
·         (415) 437-3000  SF Trauma Recovery Center
·         (415) 777-5500, 333-4537 Community United Against Violence (CUAV)
·         (800) 523-2222  Poison Control Center 
·         (415) 202-0600  American Red Cross 
·         (800) 856-5553  Children’s Emergency Services
·         (415) 647-7273  Women Against Rape crisis line
·         (415) 242-2615  Support Services for Sexual Minority Youth 
·         (415) 553-9044  SF District Attorney Victim Services Office
If you know of other useful numbers or contacts we should add, please let me know.
Ken Craig                    

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