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General Public Safety Chatter

This is more information from the Potero Hill Neighbors note regarding public safety that I thought was interesting and worth sharing. Thank you to Julie J. for typing this information up for us to share among ourselves!

There has been an increase in crime due in part to “commuter criminals” coming into the City to commit their crimes due to San Francisco’s low prosecution rate – the cause of the low prosecutions, in part, is a lack of staff, considering Santa Clara County has about 205 attornies while San Francisco has just over 100 for starters, and then the public transit that makes it easy to get here among other attractive traits (unsuspecting tourists with cash in their pockets). The commuter criminals are looking for an easy opportunity to get cash or items that they can sell fast for cash.

Since our police station covers 6th Street and a good swath of SoMa, I would guess that there are not enough officers to really do a good job of policing the area (even at a starting salary of $66,000/year, it is hard to recruit officers as you may have noticed advertisements at bus stops and in the newspapers for law enforcement jobs).

As neighbors, we could eventually set up a Neighborhood Watch (see www.sfsafe.org), look out for each other, and notify the police of anything the least bit suspicious via the NON-emergency police phone number 415-553-0123 (another good number to program in your cell phone). No matter is too small to report to the non-emergency number if you see suspicious activity or circumstances in Rincon Hill (or elsewhere in the City).

For public nuisance issues such as trash or abandoned cars, call 311 (or 415-701-2311(voice) or 415-701-2323 (TTY)) and make sure to take note of the ticket number in case you need to follow up with a supervisor if the matter is not corrected.

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