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On Christmas Day, I was walking towards the waterfront when I noticed some blue spray paint on a local building. While graffitti is a problem that is difficult to prevent, please take a moment to program the non-emergency SFPD phone number into your cell phone and call it whenever you see suspicious behaviors (folks peering into cars, other “odd” activities). The San Francisco Police Department Non-Emergency phone number is 415-553-0123. For non-emergencies, don’t be shy to use it.

One Response to Graffitti

  1. Funny, but comments like these in a public arena are only going to attract more attention to people doing the graffiti. Esp with the “please take the time”… comment. Urban Street Art is part of the living downtown experience. You must make the site unattractive to those wanting to “publish” on your walls. Relying on the police wont do anything. It’s a design issue.