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Hide Your Valuables from View in Your Parked Car

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

I was bummed to see a smashed window on somebody’s (not mine) Ford car while walking down Harrison between Main and Spear Streets today. I looked in the car, and it was pretty obvious what triggered the thief to shatter the window on this car – the driver likely left their GPS sitting out in open view. What appears to be a mount for a GPS unit (or maybe satellite radio) was sitting exposed.

I’m sorry if this was your car – these things happen all too often in this City.

I wanted to post this note as a reminder that you and your visitors should always try to hide your valuables from plain sight if they must be left in a vehicle. Even in our garages, people sometimes sneak into the garages and break into vehicles. A lot of us are lucky to have a great building security staff and vigilant neighbors to try to keep an eye on things, but after those two lines of defense, it’s up to you to make your care the least attractive target to a smash and grab thief.

Please remember to always report suspicious people to the SFPD non-emergency phone line (program this in your cell phone): 415-553-0123. Of course, if you actually see a crime happening, dial 911.

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