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Homeless Encampments Springing Up on Main Street

If you walk up and down Main Street, you’ve probably noticed someone setting up a camping tent the past three nights beside the midblock building on the Transbay Temporary Terminal site. While I generally don’t get my feathers ruffled about homeless folks as long as they keep the area around them tidy and don’t threaten people, I can understand this making some folks unhappy. I believe calling 311 is an option, but I’m not sure there’s much the police can do if the homeless person is not on private property.

The main reason I’m writing this post is because someone reported on www.SeeClickFix.com that someone using the Muni bus shelter on Main Street near Folsom as a spot to sleep threatened them last night, actually walking after them. That’s scary, and something I’ve never experienced in Rincon Hill. In this case, I’d call 911 – at a time when idiots are shooting people in movie theatres for being too loud, I wouldn’t take any threats, even from mentally ill, drunk, or drug addicted folks, lightly.

From www.SeeClickFix.com:

I noticed that more homeless encampments are springing up around the site of the future temporary Transbay terminal. Last night as we were walking on Main Street near the Charles Schwab building a homeless guy encamped in the bus shelter ran up to us screaming that he was going to kill us. He continued to follow us for half a block screaming threats at us before we eluded him. I would advise caution to anyone walking near this site, especially at night.

Again, if someone is threatening your life and acting like they might just be crazy/stupid enough to follow through with it, I’d suggest you call 911 after you’ve ensured your own safety and not shrug it off as just another sad case of a human being whose mind has fallen to pieces naturally or because of too much alcohol or drug abuse. Violent threats are unaccepable, period.

Also, please use www.SeeClickFix.com to report issues in the neighborhood. While the laundry list of issues are starting to stack up without resolutions, I believe this provides a good way for neighbors to inform each other about problems in Rincon Hill and nearby. Ideally, some of you might become frustrated enough with the issues to work with the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association to organize a visit to Chris Daly (our Supervisor) and to Mayor Newsom with your other concerned neighbors to discuss these outstanding issues on a regular (quarterly?) basis. Willing to step up?

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