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Ozumo’s Director of Hospitality Goes Above and Beyond

From Paulo Lucchesi’s Inside Scoop in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Superhost to the rescue: Ozumo’s Director of Hospitality Mel Collins has had a busy holiday season.

Recently, he apprehended a purse snatcher who has been plaguing diners in the Embarcadero area. A recent uptick of thefts spurred management at Ozumo (161 Steuart St.) – along with neighbors Boulevard, Perry’s, One Market and RN74 – to create a neighborhood watch of sorts, sharing information and security snapshots. So, when Collins recognized a woman from a photo, he called the cops and detained the lady when she tried to leave.

Another evening, passers-by popped into Ozumo with claims of a dead man in the street. Collins pounced outside to find a severely inebriated fellow hanging out of a car, unconscious and not breathing, because the seat belt was strangling him, like a noose.

So, the onetime boxer sprang into action, doing the only thing he could think of: He slapped the guy, essentially reviving him. Later, the fire marshal said the smack saved the guy’s life.

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