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Personal Safety During the Holiday Shopping Season

The holidays are here, and the criminals know it.  This post is not intended to create fear … but to remind ourselves that we live in a downtown area despite the relatively safe environments of Rincon Hill and nearby areas. Granted, anyone who has had their car window smashed or bicycle stolen feels violated, I’m referring more to face-to-face run-ins with criminals.

On Sunday evening, one of our neighbors had a very frightening experience, from the sounds of it:

At 2250 hrs. tonight, a local resident was walking back from Safeway, when at the corner of 2nd & Townsend a white 2005 Trail Blazer with three males stopped him.  One jumped out with a shotgun and demanded the victims property.  They stole his ipod, lap top, cell phone and groceries.

I’ll add that a very good friend of mine was mugged by a group of juveniles wielding knives at that same 2nd and Townsend corner – perhaps we should start asking for street lighting around the San Francisco Fire Department’s Headquarters as one small deterrent to criminals. 

If you see suspicious activity in our neighborhood, please phone the SFPD’s non-emergency number at 415-553-0123.  For example, if you notice folks looking into parked vehicles or folks sitting in their parked car in an area where there is no doorway/entrance to a building nearby, I’d suggest calling the non-emergency number and asking for the SFPD to send a car to check it out.  If you see a crime in progress, phone 911. 

San Francisco Safe Inc. has these pointers …

November marks the month to start shopping for Holiday gifts.  SAFE encourages you to learn about best practicies of personal and property safety during the festive season. Below are a few tips. To learn more or to download safety materials, Click HERE.

– Limit the number of bags you carry at once in order to keep at least one arm free.
– Riding (and waiting for) public transportation: be aware of your surroundings, pickpockets or suspicious persons.
– Try to park/walk in well-lit areas. 
– Do not leave any bags or packages visible in your car; If you need to leave something in your trunk, place it there before you park or car, or re-park your car somewhere else.

SAFE offers presentations and trainings to residents, groups and businesses. To schedule a safety training for your group, please call SAFE at (415) 553-1984.

Learn more about SAFE’s Services.

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