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Personal Safety Reminders

I was in Portland yesterday for business, but I read the unfortunate news about a murder that happened late Tuesday night of a 30-something year old man near the intersection of Beale and Howard streets. On the bright side, a suspect is in custody. UPDATE: Captain McDonagh shared that the stabbing was an escalation of an argument between two individuals on private property. However, it serves as an opportunity to encourage you to join the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association (sign up for the e-mail list), to call upon Captain McDonagh to send patrol cars to our neck of the woods more often (next SFPD Southern Station community meeting is Monday, October 20th at 6 p.m. on Treasure Island at 271 Ave of the Palms), and to remind you of some safety tips.

If you see suspicious activities while walking around the neighborhood, get a description of the person(s) and call the non-emergency San Francisco police number at 415-553-0123 (program it in your cell phone) to ask the police to drive by and check things out.

When you’re walking around at night, stick to the better lit and well-traveled sidewalks/roads … I tend to walk along the Embarcadero Pedestrian Promenade late at night as opposed to my faster, direct route of Main Street because it is relatively well lit and there is usually some number of passerby.

Resist the urge to take shortcuts through darkened parking lots at night. I had a scary experience last week walking through the darkened parking lot beside the Watermark (Bryant and The Embarcadero) at 9pm or so when a man on a bicycle rode up to me, stopped, and gave me the typical con-artist story about how his vehicle was towed and he needed $2 for BART to get back to Hayward. I would like to have faith in strangers, but that’s a tough mentality to pull off in the current economic times in a dark parking lot with nobody else around but a guy on a bicycle (?) claiming his car was towed and he needed some goodwill kindness from me. I’ll be sticking to the well-lit sidewalk along The Embarcadero from now on – one scare is all I need.

More pesonal safety tips can be found in guides available at San Francisco SAFE (Safety Awareness For Everyone) web site. I recommend the 2nd page of the Personal Safety On & Off Campus booklet in particular.

As Rincon Hill is developed and neighbors get to know each other through the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association, I believe the area will get even safer than it already is. I definitely feel safer in Rincon Hill than I ever did in Potrero Hill and much safer compared to deeper parts of SoMa at night. Living downtown in a major city with a relatively dense population will always come with an added responsiblity to be aware of your surroundings (especially at night). Let’s keep an eye out for each other’s safety – use that non-emergency phone number. If you’re worried about erratic behavior from a person on the street, use the non-emergency phone number to ask the police to come check him or her out.

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