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Personal Safety Tips

I used to live in Potrero Hill, and I still receive Potrero Hill Neighbors email messages. The latest one had some good tips about public safety from a Potrero Hill Booster’s meeting that I want to share with you. Luckily, Rincon Hill does not have a lot of issues beyond car break-ins relative to some other parts of the City, but it is a little creepy walking by the surface parking areas with little to no lighting in the evenings. Anyway, here are some personal safety tips:

Pedestrian Safety

1) Be aware of your surroundings. Walk with confidence (looking ahead, not looking down at pavement where folks can more easily approach you with you noticing).
2) Trust your gut instinct if you feel that you are in danger – cross the street to avoid groups of folks who do not appear to have any apparent reason to be gathered.
3) Stay on well traveled streets as much as possible.
4) Only carry cash and items you need. Consider separating your cash, identification, and keys in separate pockets.
5) Avoid gas stations and ATM machines at night
6) Stay in well-lit areas at night
7) Program the San Francisco Emergency number, 415-553-8090, number into your cell phone.
8 ) Use your cell phone camera to take pictures of anything suspicious or to capture license plate numbers, discreetly.

Home Safety Tips
1) Keep your windows and doors locked
2) Make sure your building/home is well lit with motion sensor activated lighting on the exterior
3) Get to know your neighbors by name (a fabulous reason to look into helping to launch the Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association
4) Let your neighbors know your typical schedule and when you will be out of town and know to be suspicious if they see activity at your home/unit at an unusual time.
5) Set up a Neighborhood Watch with your neighbors – visit www.sfsafe.org for more information and assistance.

Car Safety Tips
1) Lock your doors once you get into your car
2) Don’t leave items in your car when parked
3) Don’t leave your garage door opener in your car at any time (easy access to your building/home)
4) Pay attention to your garage door area when you are coming or leaving in your car (someone could sneak in)

Property Theft Crime Reporting
For property theft crimes, such as car break-ins or bicycle thefts, take advantage of the online reporting system at:
You will be able to print out the final police report which will be sent via e-mail. By filing this report online, it saves a police officer the time of coming out to to take the report and then go back to the station and type in the information the old way (meaning less officers on the streets to help prevent crimes or catch criminals in progress).

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