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Police Captain Daniel McDonagh's Newsletter – October 30, 2007

After the RinconHillSF.org weekly email digest, I’d suggest that our SFPD Southern Station’s Captain’s e-news is the next most important mailing list to get yourself on to stay up with what’s going in the Rincon Hill and other SoMa neighborhoods. Right now, they’re transitioning from Yahoo! Groups to Google Groups, so I thought I’d share the news with you here.

Halloween is this Wednesday, as everyone should know there is no party in the Castro District. The Department will be out in full force that night. Here at Southern Station we also have enhanced resources for the evening. A “no tolerance” policy for rowdy behavior will be enforced. My Officers will respond and take action on any party or street gathering. Ensuring the safety of the residents in our District is paramount.

Halloween is a night when driver awareness is most important. Children will be out in throngs trick or treating. So drivers be alert for a little ghost or goblin darting out into the street! Parents, you should accompany your children if they are going house to house trick or treating. Inspect the candy they receive prior to your child eating it! If there is no light on at a premise don’t bother them. Don’t let children go into a home! Stay in groups if possible! Wear some type of reflective clothing and carry a flashlight. Parents your child, SHOULD NOT BE OUT AFTER 10PM IF THEY ARE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD. ENJOY HALLOWEEN BUT BE CAREFUL.

Again this month a citizen came to the aid of someone who was being brutally attacked. That person being attacked was a Police Officer. As part of a program to get more Officers out in the public; a female Sergeant from our Administration Bureau was walking a beat on Market Street at Spear Street. At the response to a citizen complaint, the Sergeant engaged in a conversation with a homeless individual, twice her size. Without any warning or reason, the homeless man struck the Sergeant in the face knocking her off balance. The uncontrollable felon continued his onslaught on the Sergeant before she could regain her senses from the vicious blow, knocking her to the ground. Mr. M.Waring, seeing this, jumped off his bike and tackled the crazed individual. Together the Sergeant and Mr.Waring handcuffed the suspect and took him into custody.

This Department is indebted to Mr.Waring for his quick reactions preventing our Officer from being seriously injured!

Unfortunately assaults on Police Officers are becoming more frequent. That is why Officers are on guard when dealing with members of the public. Our Officers must be ready for anything at anytime.

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