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San Francisco Crime Map

SFist.com posted information about a new interface that maps out recent crime report data from the SFPD along with additinoal details about the specific crime. San Francisco Crimespotting doesn’t have any surprises in the recent months – in Rincon Hill, we mostly have vehicle-related thefts. I suspect the majority of those thefts are vehicles driven into the City by folks attending a baseball game or some other event who just aren’t aware of the need to clear out their cars before parking on the downtown streets – especially GPS devices and other portable electronics that are easy to tuck in a pocket and to sell for cash.

As an aside, remember to keep the non-emergency SFPD number, 415-553-0123 programmed in your cell phone and report suspicious activities when walking/biking/driving around, such as guys on bicycles peering into parked cars’ windows. Asking for the police to drive by and check things out is a quick, simple thing you can do to help keep us all safe.

If you’re seeing a crime in progress, the emergency number to program in your cell phone is 415-553-8090.

2 Responses to San Francisco Crime Map

  1. SpotCrime has been mapping SF for months now. We include news and scanner data in addition to the SF PD feed.

  2. TruePosition offers a service to track mobile phones based off of their location using cell phone radio’s, instead of GPS. Triangulation between multiple mobile phone signals offers movement tracking of people both indoors and outdoors which is useful for asset tracking, surveillance, and 911 instances.