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SFPD Southern Station District Newsletter 11-14-2007

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Southern Station District Newsletter
Captain Daniel McDonagh
November 14, 2007

Captain’s Comments:

Hello everyone,

Halloween has come and gone. The city was able to scale the “non-event” back to nothing. The Southern District was calm and heavily policed that evening. We are now centered in on the Oracle event taking place at the Moscone Center. I know the closing of Howard Street is an inconvenience to some but the millions of dollars brought into the city coffers supports many of the programs throughout the area in the years to come. In the bigger scheme of things this minor inconvenience is worth it. In the past couple of weeks the special anti-auto boost squad has made 15 arrests in the Southern District. Our own plainclothes unit continues to roll along with 115 arrests for the month of October.

The Central Market Community Business District is almost on line. Meetings have been held in the community. The Central Market Community Business District will have ambassadors out on Market Street to assist people coming into the area and also provide referrals and information on assistance to those in need. It looks to be a very favorable improvement for Market Street from 5 th Street to 9th Street.

I attended a community meeting the other night. It was notable in the fact that many people don’t understand just how labor intensive police work is. Here is one example; On Monday evening the 11th of November a shooting occurred at 4th and Mission and a suspect was apprehended immediately. The oracle event was going on in the immediate area, the Southern District had 10 mobile radio cars working at this time and 5 officers assigned to the Oracle event. The 5 officers assigned to the Oracle event were immediately drawn into the shooting, securing a crime scene, locating witnesses, and assisting the victim. Upon hearing the call of the shooting all units available in the Southern, Tenderloin, and Central Stations responded. The Lieutenant at Southern Station, Lt. Spillane immediately coordinated crime scene management, he had to utilize all the resources at his disposal.

1- Unit responded to the Hospital in the ambulance with the victim.
1- Unit had custody of the suspect.
1- Unit stood by with the gun that was recovered awaiting our crime scene investigators unit.
4- Units had to interview and stand-by with the many witnesses to this homicide keeping them separate for interviews and cold shows.
1- Unit was tasked with compiling this into a report.

A lieutenant from Mission Station , Lt. Oberzeir had responded and took charge of the traffic problem and issues related to the Oracle event still in progress with 40,000 people attending. Five additional outside units were called in.

As you can see this one incident pulled in all of Southern Stations mobile units as well as outside resources from adjacent police districts. This one event caused manpower adjustments to be made throughout the city. These were made immediately so that coverage was still available for “A” priorities anywhere in the surrounding districts. “B” and “C” priority calls however were going to take a little longer for response, but there would still be a response. In the month of August the Southern Station personnel handled 733 “A” priorities which means usually a response of as many units that are close and available to respond. Add that to 2889 “B” priorities and 4777 “C” priorities and you see just how busy the officers at Southern are. All of these responses usually involve paper work back at the station as well.

Here is just sampling of the type of work taking place at Southern Station:

Tuesday 11/13/07 Officers Holder and Alvarenga were on patrol when they heard a broadcast of a bank robbery nearby in the Central District. These alert Officers were aware that many suspects use the transit near Market Street to attempt an escape. These Officers spotted and arrested the bank robber on Leavenworth near Market. They recovered stolen money and the knife used in the robbery.

Tuesday 11/13/07 Officers Dilag and Austria were on patrol, at about 2:50 AM, in the area of 1040 Folsom when they saw person spray painting the apartment building there. The officers arrested the suspect and seized numerous cans of spray paint and other items used for graffiti.

Thursday 11/08/07 Officer Constantine was on bike patrol near Market and 5th Street when he observed and individual selling items. Constantine recognized this suspect from prior contacts and knew that the subject was on parole. Upon closer inspection Officer Constantine found burglary tools and property that did not belong to the subject. The subject was held on a parole violation.

Wednesday 11/07/07 Plainclothes Officers Razzak, Cole, Buhagiar, Bryant, Wong and Yick made numerous arrests in the area of Hallidie Plaza. Narcotics and Currency were also seized.

Tuesday 11/13/07 Officers Schwab and Castillo Made an arrest of an Auto Boost suspect. Not only did they recover very expensive stolen property from the suspect but they also seized a gun from the suspect’s waistband.

Southern Station News:

The San Francisco Police Department, in partnership with the Controller’s Office, is contracting with Public Safety Strategies Group and the Police Executive Research Forum to conduct three planning studies: 1) Foot Patrol Pilot Program Evaluation and 2) District Station Boundaries Analysis. These two studies are part of the Police Effectiveness Review.

Community input is an integral component of these studies and will inform the recommendations provided to the City. From September 11 th through September 24th, Public Strategies Group (PSSG) attended 35 community meetings across the City to discuss police district station boundaries and foot patrols. Outreach is continuing with the use of online, paper, and telephone survey. The online survey can be found at www.sfpolicereview.org under the What’s New section. Please take the time to fill out a survey and provide your opinions. For more information on the project contact the Police Effectiveness Review at (415) 554-5297 or visit the website at www.sfpolicereview.org.

District Events:
Oracle event at Moscone Center.

Significant Incidents:
Sunday, November 11, 2007- Homicide with a gun, 4th/Mission
Saturday, November 10, 2007- Aggravated Assault 298 11th street
Wednesday, November 07, 2007- Assault on Officer 9th/Minna
Monday, November 5, 2007- Robbery with force 6th/Market
Monday, November 5, 2007- Robbery, Street with force, 135 6th st

Miscellaneous Incidents:
Wednesday, November 7, 2007- Cargo ship collides with Bay Bridge

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