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SFPD Southern Station District Newsletter 11-29-2007

Southern Station’s Capatin McDonagh sent out a newsletter this week. You can read the entire contents or sign up to receive the email newsletter directly by visiting the Southern Station Newsletter on Google Groups.

The main letter appears below along with a couple of crime notes from within the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Hello everyone,

Well, the Christmas Season has arrived! With it comes pickpockets, scams, and other related offenses. The best protection against pickpockets is to carry your I.D. and credit cards in your front pocket on an inside jacket pocket, if possible. Avoid keeping all your important documents or cards in a purse or wallet. In a large crowd be aware and hold your purse tight.

If someone is soliciting money over the phone don’t give out your credit card numbers or social security number. If something doesn’t seem right – it isn’t. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!

The Police Department has stepped up patrols in the downtown area as well. Every effort has been made to put foot patrols out in the areas to deter street crime during this season. Eight additional Officers have been assigned to Southern Station for this purpose. A police command center has been set up on Market Street; feel free to stop by at the 800 block of Market. Officers will be handing out safety information and tips for the Holiday Season. Bart Police, SFPD and allied agencies have a pickpocket task force hard at work too during the Holiday Season.

Just a couple of weeks ago the Narcotics Detail conducted an operation in the Southern Police District. 134 suspects dealing various narcotics were arrested. An interesting note is only 36 of them reside in San Francisco!

The Traffic Company has also been out meeting driver’s and issuing citations; 38 last week.

Crime data for the month of October shows a reduction of robbery, assaults, and theft from the same time last year. Your Officers at Southern Station are doing their best to keep it this way; a few examples are listed below:

Tuesday 11/27/07 Officer Walker was dispatched to the report of a purse snatch in the area of Folsom and 3rd Street. Officer Walker responded and was able to ascertain a detailed description from a very shaken up victim. Officer Walker broadcast the description for other responding SFPD units. Officers Michaud and Michaud were in the area of Maiden Lane and Stockton Street when they were advised by a Good Samaritan who witnessed the purse snatch and followed the suspect to that location that the suspect was nearby. Offices Michaud and Michaud arrested the suspect. Sergeant Warnke and Sergeant Gardner responded and assisted in this investigation.

Wednesday 11/28/07 Officers Pedroza and Gordon were dispatched to Guy and Lansing Street regarding a person who was looking into parked cars. The Officers responded to the scene but were unable to locate the suspicious person. They contacted the homeowner who first called the police and the homeowner stated that the person was hiding in the bushes nearby. With a more detailed search the Officers located the person hiding inside the bushes. The suspect was wanted on a theft warrant and booked into County Jail. With the alert homeowner and the hardworking Officers there were no auto break-ins in the area that night.

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