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SFPD’s Southern Station Needs about 100 Additional Officers

Curious to find some numbers that confirm what I’ve believed for quite some time (and as preparation for SFPD Chief Greg Suhr’s upcoming visit to Monday’s SBRMBNA meeting) – that SoMa’s SFPD Southern Station is way understaffed compared to other San Francisco police stations, I found some interesting statistics that, based on service call volumes, basically explain why we rarely see SFPD patrol cars in Rincon Hill. I’d suggest that we start asking for more officers at Southern Station or maybe a new, additional police station is needed as SoMa has grown quite a bit since 1980.

Here’s a paste of the summary data that I found interesting:
2007 Sworn Officers 2002-2007 Calls for Service Calls per Sworn Officer 2002-2007
Southern Station 147 781,484 5,316
Tenderloin Station 101 482,741 4,780
Northern Station 138 586,236 4,248
Mission Station 138 514,934 3,731
Central Station 107 348,376 3,256
Bayview Station 133 424,386 3,191
Richmond Station 86 271,576 3,158
Park Station 90 280,431 3,116
Taraval Station 94 290,369 3,089
Ingleside Station 131 335,086 2,558
Data source: 2008 report on District Station Boundaries by Public Safety Strategies Group;
Link: http://sf-police.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=14684

Knowing nothing more than what I see in this table, it seems like the ideal number of calls for service per sworn officer is about 3,200 looking at the listing. In order to get to that average at Southern Station, I divide 781,484 by 3,200 and it gives me the result 244. In 2007, Southern Station had 147 sworn officers. In order to get to 244 to meet the 2002-2007 service call goal of 3,200 per sworn officer, we need to hire about 100 more officers.

Now consider that there are thousands of additional residents, office workers, and maybe an arena planned all within the boundary of the SFPD Southern Station. Is it any wonder that traffic laws are not enforced?

Transit Center District Plan Additions at Full Build-Out
Office workers: 21,167 (assumes there will be an additional office worker for every added 300 square feet of office space)
Hotel rooms: 975

Rincon Hill/Transbay at Buildout 15,000

Warriors Arena: 19,000

Total Additions over 10 years: 56,142

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