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Sleep, Litter, and Urinate in Public All You Want

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

The folks who made their homes in Golden Gate Park may have been displaced after Mayor Newsom read the headlines in the San Francisco Chronicle last week that it represented his biggest failure. However, it would seem this human tragedy just moved to other areas of the City, including Rincon Hill.

The gentleman pictured sleeping beside his shopping cart on The Embarcadero’s wonderful (so far) pedestrian walkway has been living at that crosswalk since at least Friday, July 27, 2007. In San Francisco, you can sleep in public pretty much wherever you want as long as it is public property.

I wouldn’t mind him so much if he didn’t throw his trash all around the sidewalk and into the Bay. But that’s okay too – he can throw trash and make a big heap of smelly crap there at The Embarcadero and Howard Streets because in San Francisco, you litter however much and wherever you would like as long as it is public property.

Earlier today, as I walked past the two restaurants being built on The Embarcadero in what used to be the second half of Rincon Point Park at Harrison Street, I noticed a young man and his girlfriend standing at the public restroom that apparently was not functioning properly – at least I hope that was the case since the young man was pissing on the public restroom itself. Never mind he was practically standing right in front of the Embarcadero Fire Boat Station. Also, never mind that Gordon Biersch restaurant has a restroom and was open for business across the street. In San Francisco, you can go ahead and piss in public wherever you want as long as it is on public property.

I told the young man pissing in public on the restroom structure that there’s a restaurant across the street with a restroom inside. What was his response? He replied, “Go f*ck yourself, pal.”

In San Francisco, we can all just go f*ck ourselves if we are going to tolerate this behavior without saying a word. Silence = Death, no?

2 Responses to Sleep, Litter, and Urinate in Public All You Want

  1. I have noticed the increase in homeless in Rincoln Hill as well. Rincon Park seems like a new homeless camp. On Saturday morning, I took my 2 year old to play ball as I do every weekend. There were about 6 homeless spread out on the grass, a couple seemingly high, and NOBODY walking their dogs or reading books on the grass. I left with my son — he doesn’t understand, he just cried. The vandals have destroyed much of the concrete over the past several weeks as well. Where is the security that is supposed to be posted at the park?

  2. outta sight, outta mind.

    silence is our song when they’re outta sight.